It is getting to be that time of year again. Soon new and cool tech products will be flying off the shelves and into the corner closet where all the unwrapped gifts are still gathering. To get your mind wondering about potential gift ideas, we put together this list of must-have portable gadgets.

These gadgets are all available online right now and if that wasn’t enough, we found some of the best deals around for each one. Everything from watches and gloves to portable printers, let’s get into it.

1. Look stylish with the LEMFO LF20 Bluetooth Smartwatch

Smartwatches are all the rage lately, and with the implementation of Bluetooth with the smartphones people are carrying around, we shouldn’t be surprised. The LF20 boasts most of the standard features that you find on a modern smartwatch.

It connects via Bluetooth to your phone allowing notifications for popular apps. It sports a heart rate and auto sleep monitor, that helps users track their health and lifestyle habits. It even has hands-free dialing and remote camera capabilities.

It won’t, however, come with the $300 price tag. This stylish entry-level smartwatch will only cost you $42.00!

Buy from Amazon

2. Protect against strained eyes with this Eye Massager

Do you know someone who stares at a computer screen all day? Chances are they have noticed significant eye fatigue and lack of focus as a direct result of this habit. Be it for work or play, many Americans are spending more and more time in front of a screen and it is damaging the long-term health of their eyes.

Thankfully, there are simple massaging techniques that can be of a great benefit to an eye that has been strained all day. The iSee360 is there for that exact reason. With built-in music, and vibration, air pressure, and infrared heat massaging techniques, this device may be just the thing you need to protect the long-term health of your eyes.

It is on sale in the Komando Shop for only $85.  Click here to purchase this life-changing eye massager from the Komando Shop.

3. Take better notes with this Portable Digital Scanner

This  wireless pen scanner just made your  life way easier! The Portable Digital Scan Highlighter is a text recognition pen scanner that works just like a simple highlighter. Slide the digital pen over printed text from any variety of documents and the text will automatically type into your PC, Mac, iOS or Android devices.

Need a document translated? The integrated translation functionality allows you to translate over 50 languages to your screen in a matter of seconds. Or, use the text-to-speech feature and turn any scanned text into audio.

Scan, edit and finalize your Word, Excel, or other documents with this small, wireless and easy to use digital pen solution.

Available on the Komando Shop for $150. Click here to pick up this incredible time-saving scanner from the Komando Shop

4. Stay Groomed on the Go with this Compact Travel Razor

This sleek new razor is smaller than your smartphone, so it is easy to slip into your luggage. It utilizes a convenient USB charger so you can charge your razor with your laptop, or the same wall charger that your phone uses. Keep your hygiene in check while on the go with this convenient little razor.

This little device is perfect for a traveler, and it is on sale for only $25. Click to grab this handsome new razor from the Komando shop.

5. Make your own Time-Lapse videos with this specialized Stop-motion Camera

Ever want to make your own time-lapse video of nature, pets, or even city traffic? (this last one is especially fun). Now it is easy without having to spend a ton on a new top of the line Nikon. This specialized stop-motion/time-lapse camera shoots HD video with a rotating lens and a weather-proof covering. It can capture up to 270,000 frames in a single sitting.

Return from your next trip with some professional stop-motion footage with this awesome new camera from the Komando Shop.

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