For those who enjoy biking, you know the gear (and the bike) you use make all of the difference. A saggy and spongy wheel, no light on the bike to guide your way home, and no information about how far you’ve cycled can turn a day ride into a nightmare. Using a bike that actually fits your height, relying on an app to track your distance, or even donning a high-tech helmet makes a huge difference — you might not even realize you’re getting exercise.

This brand new gear can help, especially for someone who doesn’t ride every day. You’ll feel more confident on the trails, and enjoy your surroundings now that it’s actually spring.

1. Cero One ($3,399)

If this bike doesn’t help you get from A to B, you might have to take a car. The Cero One is an electric cargo bike, so you can load it up with a laptop bag, a picnic basket, and anything else you want in three cargo baskets.  The bike lasts about 93 miles on a charge.

2. Blackburn Dayblazer 1100 Light ($89.99)

Bright and powerful, this front-mounted light casts a bright light at nighttime and alerts people to your presence during the day. The Dayblazer is waterproof, charges up using a normal USB port, and lasts about 1.5 hours in the brightest mode.

3. Solos Smart Glasses ($499)

Available this week, the Solos is a heads-up display that you wear like normal sunglasses. (They even provide pop-in prescription lenses — your eye doctor will know what to do.) The goggles show speed and distance, turn-by-turn nav, and your power output.

4. Canyon Urban 8.0 Commuter Bike ($1,999)

Seriously one of the coolest-looking bikes ever made, the Canyon Urban 8.0 has a low-slung look that is meant for city riding (so you sit upright and alert). The bike uses the Gates belt drive system instead of a normal chain, so it’s maintenance-free.

5. Angry Lane Pacsafe X Rider Daypack ($230)

For packing your phone, tablet, or laptop in a safe compartment, this daypack is the one you want. There’s an included cable and lock you can use for securing your stuff with the bike, and a handy rain-cover to make sure nothing gets wet.

6. Sugoi Zap Bike Jacket ($160)

Form-fitting to cut down in wind drag, this light biking jacket is fully waterproof (for the rides through even heavy rain). The side zips open up for extra venting. Inside the kacet, you’ll find pockets for stashing your phone or a tool pouch.

7. SportRx Oakley Mainlink Matte Black ($143)

Sunglasses are almost required for spring riding. This pair, available from a company that does the prescription for you, has UV protection and anti-glare tech. The earsocks and nose pieces are designed specifically for active riders; they won’t slip off on a ride.

8. Diamondback Release 3 Mountain Bike ($2,850)

Rugged trail riding is not for the faint of heart, especially if you don’t like dirt mounds and slippery embankments. This mountain bike has a full suspension so it smooths over just about any rough patch. The hydraulic brakes also stop on a dime.

9. Kitsbow Merino Ride Tee V2 Shirt ($99)

Warmth, comfort, and breathability are usually mutually exclusive. This biking shirt wicks away moisture and sweat, keeps you cool, but also doesn’t stink after a ride. In tests, the shirt also stayed nice and breathable when it turned a little hotter on a spring day.

10. Garmin Edge 520 Plus Bike Computer ($279.99)

Many bike computers use a dull gray screen for showing speed and distance. The new Garmin 520 Plus (available in a few weeks) has a bright color screen. You can monitor power (watts) output, see navigation, and check vitals like your heart-rate (using your own HR monitor).

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