Do you need a helping hand in the kitchen? There’s no need to relegate yourself to microwave meals. Instead, get the right tools in your hand to make the best dishes you can. Sometimes, even the smallest tool can have the biggest difference.

  • What’s the latest popoular kitchen technology? We’ve seen a lot of smart sous vides in the past couple years and for good reason – they cook your food perfectly.
  • How can I impress my friends with my cooking? Pick up some cool techniques – quenelling is tricky yet beautiful when done right.
  • Where can I see more kitchen accessories? From high-tech cooking equipment to more affordable finds, our kitchen gadgets category has it all.

A lot of people enjoy cooking and see it as a great way to unwind from their day. For everyone else, it’s a daily chore with a slight reward (and followed by dishes). A great cook knows how to improve their efficiency in the kitchen, making sure every piece of the meal is ready at the same time.

If you’re struggling with your nightly recipes, these cooking gadgets are here to save the day every day. Best of all – they’re all under $12.

Trudeau Pot Clip

The Trudeau Pot Clip fills a hole in your kitchenware that you likely didn’t know about. The pot clip can be clipped on to the pot or pan’s rim while you’re cooking. It can hold spoons and ladles above the pot after you’re done stirring or tasting, thus avoiding a lot of food waste, messy residue and cleanups on the kitchen counter.
Price: $9.99

Perfect Pizza Rolling Mat

Perfect for more than just pizzas, this rolling mat is complete with a built-in ruler so you can make the perfect crust every time. Helping you develop a crust of uniform thickness, the rolling mat also comes with a small roller to help even everything out.
Price: $3.21

16 Cooking gadgets under $12 to upgrade every meal

Make the perfect pie right at home

ZipStrip Herb Stripper

Made just for stripping herbs, the ZipStrip is a bowl with an angled handle. Along the handle are different sized holes. Simply pull the herb stems through the correct hole and watch as the herbs are magically stripped. The bowl has a measuring cup design so you know when you’ve stripped just the right amount.
Price: $7.95

Tater Mate Potato Brush and Eye Remover

It’s the tool you didn’t know you needed – the Tater Mate. Featuring bamboo and recycled plastic, it’s outfitted with tough bristles to clean even the dirtiest of potatoes. Plus, it’s armed with a pointed tip to remove any eyes on the potatoes.
Price: $8.28

16 Cooking gadgets under $12 to upgrade every meal

Turning any questionable potato into something amazing

Quirky Easy Citrus Spritzer

One great trick to adding depth of flavor to your meal is by using citrus. With the Citrus Spritzer, all you have to do is jab it into your citrus of choice and spray. It draws the fruit juice with each press, giving you exceptionally fresh flavor.
Price: $5.10

16 Cooking gadgets under $12 to upgrade every meal

Spritzing made easy

Reusable Steak Button Thermometers

The mistake many home cooks make is not knowing when their steak is done. This clever thermometer doesn’t tell you the temperature of the meat. Instead, it lets you know when the inside is rare, medium, or well done. With the slowly moving dial, you can be sure to get it just right for everyone (just don’t forget to rest it!).
Price: $9.97

16 Cooking gadgets under $12 to upgrade every meal

Because being able to cook a perfect steak is a rite of passage

Cucumbo Spiral Vegetable Slicer

Designed just for cucumbers and zucchini, Cucumbo turns these vital veggies into spiral slices within minutes. Not only will it make your salads look pretty but it also gives you a chance to explore your innovations with food art.
Price: $6.49

Wooden Muddler

Have you ever used a muddler? We didn’t think so. This simple yet necessary kitchen accessory is a fast-track way to get maximum flavor from your herbs. In three assorted styles, they help break down the herbs to release the flavor right into your dishes.
Price: $7

16 Cooking gadgets under $12 to upgrade every meal

You’ve always seen in it friend’s kitchens and now you know what it’s for

Pinch Dash Smidgen Measuring Spoons

It’s always the worst when a recipe calls for a pinch of this or a dash of that. But with these adorable measuring spoons, you’re covered. Featuring a pinch, dash, smidgen, and nip, these unofficial measuring sizes help you achieve just the right amount every time.
Price: $7.17

16 Cooking gadgets under $12 to upgrade every meal

A pinch of this and a dash of that are now visualized

Garlic Zoom – Wheeled Garlic Chopper

Chopping garlic is tricky and usually leaves your hands smelling for days. Enter the Garlic Zoom. This nifty gadget chops and dices up your garlic quickly and easily – and without the lasting odor. Just pop your cloves in and wheel the device back and forth and voilà.
Price: $11.35

Herb Scissors

No, this isn’t the latest accessory in your steampunk friend’s closet. The Herb Scissors are perfectly designed to chop up your herbs to the perfect size. Working quickly and efficiently, they slice through anything from chives to spring onions.
Price: $9.90

Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Cutter

Eating healthily is imperative but is rarely fun. With the Veggetti, you can transform ordinary vegetables into something fantastic. Perfect for carrots, zucchini, and more, this device spiralizes veggies into noodle-like designs, helping bring some nutrients and splendor to every dish.
Price: $9.99

SpoonBuddy Multi-Use Kitchen Gadget

This spoon rest features an added suction cup, allowing it to adhere to countertops, lids, and tables. SpoonBuddy provides a convenient place to rest your dirty utensils while you’re cooking. You can also use it to open jars by placing it on the lid for a better grip. SpoonBuddy can turn a plate into a lid for a frying pan that doesn’t have its own lid. If that wasn’t enough, it’s exactly half a cup, which comes in handy when you are measuring to prep a meal.
Price: $9.99

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

The majority of accidents in the kitchen involve knives and sharp objects. The NoCry Gloves are here to keep you safe. Offering durability with the highest level of cut-resistant material available on the market, they’re four times stronger than leather. For large or small hands, they provide a snug and safe grip.
Price: $10.99

Levoop Adjustable Level Measuring Scoop

The Levoop is a genius tool for any kitchen. Offering a level scoop for any measurement, the built-in leveling system is exceptionally easy to use. Simply scoop your dry goods and push the button. The built-in lever automatically pushes away excess so you only get what the recipe calls for.
Price: $9.95

OXO Good Grips Ground Meat Chopper

The Ground Meat Chopper is your secret weapon for a tasty meal. Featuring highly durable materials, this kitchen tool makes light work of any tedious task. The Meat Chopper is strong and sturdy to break up any variety of meat. Best of all, the large fan-like design and blades ensure your food doesn’t get caught so it all ends up in the dish.
Price: $11.99

16 Cooking gadgets under $12 to upgrade every meal

There’s a useful feature on every side

Do you have any tried and true cooking gadgets in your kitchen? Let us know in the comments!

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