Gadgets are not restricted to just smartphones, tablets and laptops. There are a number of gadgets that can also make your driving experience a lot better than what it is. Here, we list out a few such gadgets that you can try:

In-Car Entertainment system

You would surely miss having a screen in your car if you have a love for watching movies — considering that a lot of cars in the budget segment don’t come with built in screens. Blaupunkt lets you have one without the hassle of struggling with the wiring or pulling out the seat. Blaupunkt Android In-Car Entertainment only requires power supply from a 12V power socket, which is available in most cars. So, it’s like an Android tablet that you can use in your car. It has a universal headrest mount, so you can attach it to any car that has a removable headrest. The system comes with a microSD slot and a USB port and requires an internet connection for playing media. It also has speakers and a 3.5mm jack and support for Bluetooth.

Another in-car entertainment option that you can try is Parrot Asteroid Smart. It features a 6.2-inch touchscreen display and runs a customised version of Android. It has a number of features and lets you use GPS for navigation, play music, browse internet, and more.

Vehicle Tracker

One invests considerable sums of money when buying a car and that is why it’s important to keep it safe. A vehicle tracker is a gadget that is a necessity inside a car, considering the number of car thefts are on a rise. You can always go for the Carnot Vehicle Tracker, which is a GPS + GSM tracker that can be installed without wiring or modifications. It is a small dongle that can be installed in the On-board Diagnostic (OBD) port of the car. It works with an app that you will have to download on your smartphone. You will have to tell the app which car you own, and it will then guide you with the location of your car. You will be able to see your car on GPS, set geofences, view basic diagnostic information and do so much more.

In-car Wi-Fi hotspot

If you feel that internet is something you just cannot live without and don’t rely too much on mobile hotspots, then you would definitely appreciate an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot. You can try Alcatel‘s Linkzone mobile Wi-Fi device. It is compact and lightweight and claims to have a battery that can deliver more than 12 days of standby power. If you use it constantly, it will supposedly last for six hours. The Wi-Fi hotspot can support 15 devices at once.

Smart car coffee maker

Coffee is the first thing many people turn to every morning and if you fall in that category, then a coffee maker in your car is a great addition. You can try the Handpresso Auto 12V coffee maker, which can be plugged into the car’s 12V socket. It is also compatible with Easy Serving Espresso pod and is supposed to prepare a cup of espresso in 2 minutes.

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