Spring is finally here! It’s warm enough to open your windows to let the fresh air in.

It’s the time of year when your whole family is ready for spring cleaning. You’ll clean your windows until they’re shiny. You’ll hose down the garage and sidewalks. You’ll vacuum the carpets and polish your floors.

You’ll take on bigger tasks, too, like getting up high to dust your ceiling fans. You’ll replace light bulbs that are way overhead.

Your family will hang artwork and photos. You’ll all take hammers, screwdrivers and drills to tighten up loose nails and repair the interior and exterior of your home.

But, wait! Your home cleaning and home repairs can be so much easier than before, thanks to these five home-cleaning gadgets that you will absolutely love – Do NOT skip No. 1’s bonus video!

1. Little Giant Ladder

Do you have an articulating ladder? These are ladders that have individual pieces that easily come together to handle work around the house, no matter which big task or small task your family is tackling.

The best in the business is my sponsor Little Giant Ladder. These adjustable, top-of-the-line ladders are lightweight yet incredibly sturdy, even if you’re on uneven surfaces like stairs, curbs or ramps.

Click here to shop now for Little Giant Ladder’s ladders and accessories – 30-day money back guarantee!

Multiple Configurations

The best news about spring cleaning this year is you will need only one ladder to do the work of five or more ladders. Little Giant Ladder’s Revolution, for example, has five configurations that will help your family tackle cleaning and home repair all year long.

You can use it as an extension ladder that reaches up to your rooftop. It’s sturdy, so you can trim trees and other tasks that require you to get up high.

You can pull the Little Giant Ladder apart to form a scaffold. Just think about your peace of mind as your family stands on a sturdy, ultra-strong scaffold to paint walls.

You can use it as an A-frame ladder, a 90-degree ladder and more. You can also adjust it as a staircase ladder – watch the video below!

Ultra-strong and sturdy

Little Giant Ladder’s Revolution ladder is 20 percent lighter than competing ladder brands! Yet, it is ultra-strong because it’s constructed from military-grade, lightweight aluminum.

These ladders are so strong they can support 300 pounds on each side. It has received a Type 1A rating.

Convenient for everyone in your family

Do your ladders have wheels so you can easily move them from room to room, or from the garage to wherever you need to use it? Little Giant Ladder’s ladders have wheels – so no more lugging heavy gadgets around.

Even better, Little Giant Ladder takes the hassle out of shopping. They offer FREE shipping throughout the United States and NO sales tax (except Utah). You may know that Little Giant Ladder also has a lifetime warranty.

Click here and get your very own Little Giant Ladder. As a Komando.com reader, you will receive a free accessory with your purchase.

Bonus Video – You have to see how safe and easy Little Giant Ladder’s Revolution ladders are!

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2. Alexa-enabled robot vacuum cleaner

What happened to the days of lugging around heavy, cumbersome vacuum cleaners? They’re gone, that’s what happened.

These days, the best time to vacuum is when you’re at work, driving the grandchildren to school or relaxing poolside. Robot vacuum cleaners like Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robot Vacuum cleaner do the work for you.

All you do is use your smartphone or a voice-activated Alexa device, like Amazon’s Echo, to tell it when to get to work. You can schedule and monitor it when it’s vacuuming and you’ll get an alert when something goes wrong.

This robovac has five cleaning modes. That includes single-room vacuuming, spot cleaning and max-mode high-powered cleaning.

3. Robotic mop

iRobot revolutionized home cleaning with its robotic vacuum, Roomba. It was once a curious novelty, but now it’s a high-performance vacuum that you can remotely activate it from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Now, you can add robotic mopping to the list of chores you’re no longer doing! iRobot Braava robot mop sprays cleaning fluid on the floor and it’s vibrating heads clean and scrub your hard-surface floors.

In fact, it detects if your floors need to be mopped or swept. It holds up to a quart of liquid and runs for about 20 minutes.

4. Self-cleaning dog potty

It’s the little things in life that can get you down, right? That includes cleaning up after your dogs.

Well, you don’t need to do that any longer with automated, self-cleaning dog potties like this one from BrilliantPad. You can program it to self-clean one, two or three times a day.

Or, you can press the button to advance the pad, which you buy separately. And, don’t worry – its sensors detect when your dog is on it, so it won’t move.

5. Window cleaning robot

“Aah, life is sweet.” That’s not something you’d typically say when you’re about to clean your windows – that can be a weekend-long hassle.

But it’s not a hassle when a robot is doing most of the work. Check out the Alfawise Magnetic window cleaning robot.

You control it with a remote control and it scrubs windows (and tiles and other flat surfaces) with two microfiber pads. It scrubs and cleans dirt, oil and other stains.

Just think about how much money you’ll save. Instead of paying professionals to clean your windows, this robot will do it for you.

5 incredibly useful tools for your digital spring cleaning

You can speed up your smartphone, laptop and PC with a bit of spring cleaning. This is a great time of year to take a morning or afternoon to clean out old files that are slowing down your digital devices.

More than that, this is a good time to review your privacy settings. You will not believe how much personal information that Google and other companies are collecting about you.

Click here for handy tips to spring clean your digital life!

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