LeBron James is arguably the best human being to ever play basketball, and at worst is, like, one of the 5-10 greatest to ever grace the hardwood.

The longevity of his career is nothing short of astounding, as his most recent absence due to a groin injury has constituted the longest he’s ever sat out in his 15-year career at 17 consecutive games (and 18 overall). Few athletes take care of their bodies better than James, and few players have been able to add so many different things to their games over their careers.

That makes him a pretty good authority when it comes to basketball training and workouts, which also happens be one of his greatest pet peeves. LeBron James hates losing and doesn’t have patience for fools, but there might not be anything he loathes more than “clown” basketball trainers and training devices that are marketed to kids to help them improve their game.

On Tuesday, James was introduced to a basketball training video that involved a trainer having kids leap over obstacles while trying to score a layup. The video is, in a word, hysterical, and LeBron simply can’t believe it’s real.

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