Monday, September 18, 2017

PEOPLE go into a restaurant or a coffee shop and almost instantly, they ask for the Wi-Fi password after getting a seat and ordering their food or beverage. In classes, many students have ditched the old school notebook and pen in taking down notes during lectures and rely on their camera phones to take photos of their instructor’s presentations. It cannot be denied that a majority of the people, young and old, are hooked to their smartphones, tabs and other gadgets. Sadly, even in places where warm conversations are supposed to take place, there are always those who stick their faces in front of their mobile phone screens. We ask our readers today if they could get through a week in one piece without having to use any electronic gadget.

Definitely yes! I grew up in the province and gadgets were not a thing then. And it’s always a good idea to connect with people and nature physically every once in a while. Samantha Maureen Ornopia, 21, Education Student (Felipe Verallo Memorial Foundation, Bogo)

I probably couldn’t survive a week without using any electronic gadget. I can without my smartphone but not my trusted old-school keypad phone. I just feel secure having it with me all the time because I can easily contact anyone, anytime. Marceyne Culaste, 23, Technical Assistant

I would definitely survive a week, probably weeks, without using any electronic gadget. By this, I would be able to have more time to bond with my family and hang out with my close friends because most of the time I am busy facing the computer, doing my sideline and school projects. Also, I badly need some time to de-stress and have time to relax and meditate. Kean Emmanuel Famador, 22, Architecture Student (UV)

Published in the SunStar Cebu newspaper on September 18, 2017.

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