Acer’s new Chromebook R11 is one of the inexpensive laptop brand equipped with Google’s 360-degree hinge with the wide touch screen support. It provides tricky handling of browser and navigation through the touch screen. It comes with lots of built-in applications, and you can even find applications in Windows and Apple’s OS X in the Acer Chrome book R11. It has very affordable design with hybrid design and offers a great value of money in the lineup of laptops. Chromebook is fit for the purpose and should be delivered at a reasonable price to meet the competition in the market.Chromebook R11

Acer offered to the users with the base price of $279 and its quite affordable tablet with the touch screen display, and 360 degrees hinge capability that makes it folded even better than the chunky tablet. It stands out in the crowd due to this touch screen display and 360-degree hinge.

Acer’s Chromebook R11 has hit the market with 11.6-inch display with the screen resolution of 1366×768 pixels. Though it is the least resolution that comes in the laptop, the price is quite reasonable. IPS display that makes its colors extremely well and runs the videos lively makes your day with this resolution. Though, fluctuations on the screen create problems sometimes. Sometimes, the Wi-Fi radius makes it hard for the signals to come smoothly and it makes a wrong impression when signals are dropped in the sunlight. It works on the Chrome operating system and includes Google applications that work well with the OS, and Chromebook unique selling proposition is its 360-degree hinge feature that somehow obstructs the touch screen, but overall it’s good. It is highly flexible and folds smoothly like the friendly tablet; it is best to scroll the WebPages and converts the windows into standard size to ensure full display.

However, Chromebook comes with Chrome OS that makes some applications conflict when view on the touch screen because it makes hard for the users to navigate through the applications, bookmarks and websites that require a mouse to click the sites.

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