E3 2018 had much of the wind taken out of it sails thanks to numerous leaks, with Walmart Canada’s being the most impactful, ahead of the conference. While multiple major titles were unearthed prematurely by the retailer, some notable inclusions in the leak remained unseen at the conference. Now, Amazon Italy is picking up the mantle of spoiler with its own slew of leaks posted over the weekend. Most intriguing among Amazon Italy’s leaks are store pages for Bloodborne 2, Sunset Overdrive 2 and the previously teased new Splinter Cell title.

Bloodborne 2 stands as the most high profile title included in the leak. Rumors of the existence of a sequel to From Software’s well-crafted Dark Souls offshoot surfaced prior to E3 and were only snuffed after the announcement of the studio’s new game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It now appears that those rumors might not be as dead as once thought.

The more surprising inclusion is Sunset Overdrive 2. A sequel to the Xbox exclusive has seen rumors arise copious times in recent years only to be quashed by developer Insomniac Games among others. The latest catalyst for the return of the franchise came after the Korean Games Ratings Board published a rating for the PC version of the original game. That news got fan communities clamoring about the possible existence of a sequel, though no confirmation surfaced.

The return of the Splinter Cell franchise stands as the most concrete offering in this recent round of leaks. The stealth-based entry in the long-running and profitable Tom Clancy-verse has sat on the shelf since 2013’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist, but multiple events have led fans to believe the series is making a return. Michael Ironside, the original voice actor of series protagonist Sam Fisher, was spotted at Ubisoft’s Toronto studio in 2016, and placeholder listings for the game popped up briefly on Ubisoft’s official Amazon page and within the Walmart Canada leak. The game felt like such a slam dunk that many were surprised when it went unmentioned by Ubisoft during its E3 presser, but it appears the game is still on the docket.

All three titles’ pages carry the placeholder release date of Dec. 31, 2019, meaning further confirmation is still needed, but the leak also revealed release dates for a number of previously announced titles. The Nintendo Switch release of Dark Souls Remastered and the Solaire of Astora Amiibo are set for an Aug. 31, 2018 release, while Media Molecule’s PS4 exclusive Dreams will launch on Feb. 22, 2019.

The only detail of the leak that could undercut its credibility is the inclusion of the already rumored PS4 Fortnite bundle. The bundle was previously announced through PlayStation’s Italian FaceBook page with a release date of July 16, 2018. The bundle’s placeholder entry on Amazon Italy lists its release date as July 11, 2018, leading some to wonder if the previous announcement was mistaken, if the bundle’s launch date was changed internally in the last week or if the listing is pure fiction. It proves to be the latter, the validity of everything revealed would be called into question even more so. No effected company has confirmed details for any of the leaked titles as of time of publication.

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