You should check the prices in Europe. 1000 bucks is not that much when you compare. I paid 1500 USD for my iPhone X 64 GB.

No doubt, not just Europe, but also Australia as well, the prices exorbitant

In a world war we have the option to take a loan out for a phone. No thanks. I usually purchase my iPhones out right, that way I don’t have to deal with carrier restrictions and No monthly payments.

I’ll wager that both you and I are in the minority with this though.

iPhone upgrade program has existed since 2015 when no iPhone started at $1000. Sounds like Goldman would be taking over that business. Maybe this is the start of more upgrade programs for other hardware. I’d do an upgrade program for iPad and Apple Watch.

I can understand financing An $1,100.00 iPhone through your carrier, because that is a lot of money for someone to pay in full up front. But even if you could, why would you finance an Apple Watch? I just feel like this is a way for someone to make an excuse to get themselves in debt that they don’t need (Which adds to other monthly bills someone has). If Someone has the necessary funds, I would just pay it off and not finance. But I do understand its more ‘comfortable’ to make monthly payments, even though it’s not always the most logical method just because it’s an option to do so.

Vampire Squid phone.
Not surprising, people now need to finance the purchase of phones, i.e., iPhone X costs over a 1,000 dollars.

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