Apple is giving users some extra cash when they transfer money to their Apple ID account, as spotted byMacRumors. Through March 14th, users who transfer money from their debit or credit cart to their account will get a 10 percent bonus credit.

Users can add money to their accounts if they dig into their phone’s settings: you first must go into settings, then to iTunes & App Store. From there, you click on your Apple ID, and then View Apple ID. Finally, on that screen, you can click on Add Funds to Apple ID, which announces the bonus, and shows you what your balance is. Adding $10 will get you an extra dollar. Adding $100 nets you an additional $10, with the limit being $200. Clicking on one of the options will prompt you to pay with Touch ID.

The feature is available for desktop iTunes users as well. Users have to go to Account, then View My Account. There’s a section on that page called Apple ID Account, in which you have the option to add funds. Clicking on any of the options will automatically add money to your account without a confirmation, whereas on your phone, you have the added step of hitting Touch ID or entering a password. (In other words, I have an $11 balance now. I guess it’s time to catch up on True Detective?)

There’s another catch, too — you can only do this once, according to the fine print. Once you add funds to your account, you can still add money to your account, but the bonus won’t apply on subsequent payments.

The bonus is literally free money, and if you’ve been planning to buy an album or something else from iTunes, it might be worth your while to add to your balance before you go shopping.

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