Unfortunately, it’s difficult for a person on the phone to help customers and clients in real time. Instructions down the phone can only help so much, and it can delay sales calls for a long period of time if your employees don’t know the specific information they need. PLNAR is built exactly for these kinds of situations – no more pencil and paper, no more awkward inaccurate instructions down the phone, PLNAR make things much easier.

Download PLNAR on your phone, and you can quickly use the augmented reality (AR) features to make recreations of the room you’re in, including dimensions. This information can then be sent to sales representatives, who can use the information to suggest furniture or custom build equipment according to the dimensions they’ve been provided with.

The app even create CAD file versions of the rooms it scans, allowing teams plenty of flexibility in building furniture, carpets and more for the specific dimensions customers specify. PLNAR is just the beginning for the company who believe in AR solutions to a variety of established business issues.

Of course there’s a software development kit (SDK) available for the PLNAR app now, allowing anyone to be able to customise the PLNAR experience to their business model. Andy Greff, CEO of PLNAR creators SmartPicture Technologies has said; “After listening to feedback from our professional users, we saw an opportunity to provide existing enterprises with a quick, easy way to implement AR dimensioning technology into their business models without requiring additional, extensive and costly iOS development. PLNAR helps companies close more opportunities by empowering their customers to measure spaces themselves.”

SmartPicture Technologies highlight a short list of perceived benefits for businesses and clients;

  • Condense development time from months or years to weeks;
  • Create their own branded solutions with a fully realized, customizable user interface to be “virtually there” for their customers;
  • Streamline user friction during the data capture process;
  • Measure objects, rooms, walls, windows, doors, islands and floors in 2-D and 3-D;
  • Easily plug into any sales process to assist customers as they are browsing products and determining space;
  • Self-configure the app, which was designed for AR with non-technical end users in mind;
  • Connect to PLNAR algorithms and APIs in the cloud.

Tim Schneider is a business leader at Genpact, and his testimony certainly makes PLNAR sound like an essential tool for many businesses; “The PLNAR SDK will allow us to quickly implement AR technology into our existing Genpact Inspection Assistant product and stay at the forefront of emerging digital technology while continuing to redefine the insurance claims experience. By digitizing the dimensioning experience, we have created new efficiencies in how end users utilize our product and as a result, we’ve optimized the time that our inspectors spend onsite.”

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