Best Buy Pixel 2 pre-orders may come with a Google Home Mini smart speaker as a bundle perk for consumers. This is according to some leaked images which have popped up on Reddit from user FireYoshiQC, showing Best Buy’s ads for Quebec in Canada, which are said to be for the ads which Best Buy will be posting next week following Google’s official announcement for the phones and other hardware products tomorrow.

The ads aren’t very telling when it comes to the cost for the Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL in Canada, but according to the Reddit post the Google Home Mini will cost $80 CAD normally, which translates to about $64 USD, around $15 more than the currently rumored cost of the smart speaker for the US market as it was leaked earlier in a Walmart listing for $49. Since this is a Best Buy ad it’s not clear if Google will offer a similar bundle, though it did give out free Daydream View VR headsets for those that pre-ordered last year’s Pixel phones. That said Google could very well do another bundle again this year though it could also be for the 2nd Gen headset and not the Google Home Mini. It’s also unclear if Best Buy stores in the U.S. will be offering consumers the same deal.

Also in the ad are mentions of Canada’s top carriers including Bell, TELUS, Koodo, Fido, and Rogers, displaying that the phone will work on all of those carriers, as was probably expected since the phone will be unlocked. It’s also said that the phone colors may vary by carriers, which seems to be suggesting that carriers in the country will sell the phone too in addition to Best Buy, but that each color may not be sold at every single one of them. One piece of information that seems to be a caveat of receiving the Google Home Mini for free is activating the phone at a participating carrier. Taking that into consideration, it’s not clear if the freebie will apply to all five carriers that are listed in the ad, and if that’s the case then it may be possible that some carriers may not be included with the deal. It’s also worth considering that this is a gift that Best Buy is doing, so if not all carriers are supported for receiving the free speaker than that’s according to Best Buy’s rules for it and not the carriers.

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