While the blockchain and cryptocurrency market is on a mission to conquer every need of mankind through the power of technology, the necessity of having a highly secure and completely reliable platform to trade money is on demand.

BotBird is an inventor bringing together various aspects of blockchain to a single platform exclusively to meet the everyday needs of all traders. The BotBird team functions all over the world in different countries such as Japan, Germany, Sri Lanka, Italy, Russia and many more.

They are a group of innovative and highly efficient developers and tech leaders who are experienced in the field of blockchain development. The team is completely dedicated to serving all the cryptocurrency enthusiasts to take their trading to the next level through BotBird. After their intense research and development, the team is looking forward to launching this remarkable system to the cryptocurrency world.

BotBird provides three main services for its users namely, Escrow Lending, P2P Exchange, and P2P Loans.

Escrow Lending

The BotBird team has invented a brand new convention of how the traditional Escrow Lending can be delivered to its users. It has made the lending system totally risk free with 100 percent protection. All the investors are allowed to withdraw their assets at any point in time. BotBird does not hold your money at all.

It is also responsible for protecting its investors by associating with a trusted third-party team who holds the exact same amount as the customers who invest in the Lending Program. The investment payback is guaranteed after each Escrow Lending round.

During the Escrow Lending round, a 10% interest will be credited every 30 days to the BotBird wallet of the investor. The team is aiming to make the system sustainable by introducing the monthly interest program.

P2P Exchange

BotBird stands out in executing their exchange platform by building it as an absolute Peer-to-Peer system by connecting it to the high-end blockchain technology. They make sure that the traders get the best user-experience and one on one social trading using BotBird Tokens.

The P2P exchange platform is highly secure. The transactions will be done by using the BottB tokens as escrow. Only after the trade is completed, the escrow tokens will be released.

By making the registration process anonymous and less time consuming, the team has made the trading, even more, easier for its users.

Trading of any cryptocurrency can be done with the BotB members worldwide directly from wallet to wallet. BotB does not hold any cryptocurrency which belongs to the customer.

P2P Loans

BotBird is introducing Social Peer-to-Peer Lending Market where the community members can make use of their digital assets as collateral to get cash. This involves no risk and is equally benefited to both the borrowers and lenders. The main goal of BotBird is to connect the lenders and borrowers across the world through the P2P lending marketplace.

Borrowers have the facility to trade directly with the lenders without involving any middleman, just by producing their existing cryptocurrencies.

Lenders can earn up to 50 percent monthly interest while trading.

Initial Coin Offering [ICO]

BotBird has introduced its own cryptocurrency named BotB token which is built using the Ethereum ERC20 standard and smart contract code. The team has developed 40,000,000 tokens at present, out of which 20,800,000 will be allocated for circulation.

BotBird has started its Initial Coin Offering by launching an Early Bird ICO, Pre-sale ICO. They have also announced their next stages of ICO beginning mid-April.

They have also introduced many exciting ICO offers for every round which is highly beneficial for all the investors. Apart from this, there is an ICO referral program wherein the participants are offered 10% unlimited commission of their direct referral purchases.

The BotBird team has lot more exciting trading services and offers in store for its community in the coming years. BotBird has got a 24/7 online support system for all the users to resolve their queries instantly.

In line with the latest trend, BotBird like Binance and other major blockchain companies plan their move to change headquarters to Malta within the next 10 days.

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