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A Canon EOS-1 35mm SLR camera.

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Canon is officially done with film. The camera-maker just announced that it’s ending sales of its last film camera, the EOS-1V.

In 2006, reports said that Canon was ending production of all film cameras, but the company never officially confirmed this. Instead, Canon quietly stopped making them.

The EOS-1V is a 35mm SLR camera that released in 2000. Since Canon reportedly stopped making the EOS-1V in 2010, it’s likely that Canon still had a few units in stock that it was selling. Today’s announcement marks the end of that.

At the very least, Canon says it will continue repairing the EOS-1V until October 31, 2025. But it also adds that it may refuse repair after October 31, 2020 due to lack of replacement parts. So if you already have the camera, you’ll still be able to get it fixed (for now). Just don’t get your hopes up for buying a new one.

What will we buy now??

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