Storage is a problem for most of us, regardless of the square footage in our houses. Before you buy another chest or storage bin to solve the problem, check out some of these unusual places others use for storage in a home.

We know about storage containers that slide under a bed or sofa, but how about the ones that slide out from under the kitchen cabinets. These shallow drawers are perfect for cookie sheets, cake pans and other cookware that are not used on a daily basis. Regular doors often will also offer opportunities for storage using over the door racks or even home-built shelving attached to the door. Many of the big box stores have displays showcasing readymade racks and such for storage.

Another space many of us forget is the steps to an upper or lower level of a house. Some have removed the vertical board on each step and built a compartment that will hold books, canned goods or other household items. Often doghouses or crates are built in under the stairs along with other slide-out shelving. This is a great area to analyze and think outside the box as use for storage.

Furniture that allows for extra storage is always a plus, and one needs to consider each piece as a possibility. For example most of us have end tables by sofas, beds and chairs, and it is a given these small tables would offer storage with drawers or shelving. There are now beds that easily lift up to allow storage under the mattress for out-of-season bedding, clothing and more. If one is looking for security, they should check out all the household items that have secret compartments. From clocks to picture frames there is a plethora of choices in this venue.

One of the more interesting gadgets encountered is a lift that makes use of what are usually inaccessible spaces. Think of those deep corners in the kitchen cabinet that can’t be reached and are usually wasted space. There is a mechanism that will allow those spaces to be used with a flick of a switch. The lift usually holds an appliance like a coffee pot or big mixer. The mechanism takes the appliance up or down into the forgotten space. This same lift idea is often used for televisions that can rise or lower from the ceiling, from a cabinet or even from the end of a bed.

There would be a price to pay for this nifty gadget, but you would have convenient storage.

Another idea that many folks are pursuing is storage between the joists and rafters. The objective is to take the wallboard down and insert a shelf or shallow cabinet between the beams. If this is too over-the-top, building shallow shelving in forgotten spaces will allow for extra places to hold your possessions. A long shelf over the sofa, the bed or credenza could hold lots of books. This takes some expertise, and one would have to weigh out the cost with the amount of storage gained.

There are loads of suggestions on Pinterest, Houzz and other DIY websites. Some are old-school and some are unique in their approach. This is an interesting topic to research and one that could offer a solution to many storage problems.

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