Tesla debuts Semi, surprises with Roadster


Tesla brought its long-awaited Semi truck reveal to the masses, and surprised us all with the reveal of a next-generation Roadster.


While everyone headed to Tesla’s big press event expecting to be wowed by the new Semi truck the Silicon Valley startup has been teasing the past few months, press were in for an even bigger surprise at Hawthorne Airport in California.

Alongside the impressively fast Semi, which will have a 0-60 time of 20 seconds while carrying an 80,000-lb. load, was an even more impressively fast Roadster making a surprise appearance before it heads into production for the 2020 model year. With a 0-60 time of less than 2 seconds (!!!) and a 250 mph top speed, the next-gen Roadster might be worth giving up your place in line waiting for your Model 3 to *eventually* roll off the assembly line.

Find out more about Tesla’s two big reveals here.


Short Report: 2017 Ford Focus RS


We are living in a golden age of Ford performance, and the 2017 Focus RS is just one of many awesome Dearborn-developed enthusiast machines.

(Speedy Daddy Media, Inc.)

It looks like Ford is on the verge of sunsetting one of the most enjoyable performance-oriented hatchbacks it has ever produced. The Ford Focus RS has had a fun run these past few years, so before it gets sent out to pasture, we just had to take one out on the scenic back roads of SoCal.

With nothing but the open road in his way, Daily News Autos editor Christian Wardlaw took the German-built (and Daily News Autos award-winning) Focus RS on one last glorious adventure along the cliffs of the Pacific Coast.

Read what he had to say about the Focus RS here.


8 Great Traits of the 2018 Volkswagen Golf…and a Fatal Flaw


With high-performance variants and hatchback and wagon body styles, the Volkswagen Golf family offers choices for many different types of car buyers.


Speaking of hot hatches, if you’re in the market for a compact hatchback with surprisingly upscale amenities, impressive fuel economy, palatial cargo room and an industry-best warranty, look no further than the 2018 Volkswagen Golf.

With high-quality German engineering in an affordable package, the Golf hatch can be had in a variety of flavors, including wagons ready to trek off the beaten path or an all-electric option if you want to give up gas for good.

There are lots of reasons to consider the Volkswagen Golf as you’re next urban explorer, but there’s also one elephant in the room that must be addressed before you sign on the dotted line.

Find out what those reasons are here.


Eye Candy: 2020 Tesla Roadster

Tesla’s second-generation Roadster is an all-electric supercar with incredible power, range and style.

Tesla Roadster Rear

Eye Candy: 2020 Tesla Roadster


Video: Drunk McLaren 720S driver leads Atlanta cops on high-speed 150 mph chase

This Alpharetta police officer pulled over a McLaren 720S that had been travelling 155 mph down Georgia State Route 400.

This Alpharetta police officer pulled over a McLaren 720S that had been travelling 155 mph down Georgia State Route 400.

Driving drunk is pretty dangerous. And stupid. What’s even more dangerous and more stupid is driving drunk in a $300,000 car at high speeds.

That’s what this guy had to find out the hard way as he led cops in the Atlanta area on a 150 mph chase that ended with him calmly pulling over and getting himself booked into a cozy jail cell for the night.

Watch the full video here.

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