Destiny 2 raid release date

Destiny 2’s endgame content is coming relatively soon after the game’s release. In This Week At Bungiethe studio announced plans for how it would roll out the endgame content such as Nightfalls, the raid, and Trials, and the Destiny 2 raid release date isn’t too far off.

After launch, there will be a few rituals and firsts that you might want to plan for as you ascend to orbit around the Destiny Endgame. Some of these activities will be ready and waiting as soon as you play your way through to them. Others will go live shortly thereafter, giving you and your teammates time to prepare to get geared up and ready to go.

Here are a few of the dates you should mark in your calendar.

  • Nightfall: Ready when you are
  • Raid: 10 AM PT, September 13
  • Trials: 10 AM PT, September 15

Nightfalls will be available to play as soon as you reach an appropriate level to tackle the difficult strikes. The Leviathan raid will release a week after Destiny 2’s launch, so early players will want to make sure they have a team ready to go. Trials will go live the weekend after the raid. It’s still unclear if Trials will mimic Trials of Osiris from the first game, or if there will be significant changes coming to the PVP mode (including the name).

This Week At Bungie also talked about some important details for engram decryption, revealing that engrams’ power levels are decided at the time they are dropped, and the game will smartly assess your best possible loadout across all characters to make sure you are getting the most relevant rewards.

When we say “best possible gear,” we look at what the best scenario is for your character across your account. This means that, if you are playing on your Hunter (like you should), we might use the Helmet you accidentally left in the vault, the Boots you just picked up but haven’t equipped, and the Auto Rifle that you forgot to transfer from your Warlock. Gear on other characters, in the vault, in your inventory, or currently equipped are all compared to find the best loadout you could have.

This is great news for players that like to play around with equipment that might night be their most powerful, and will allow for more variety in what gear people are actually playing with.

Addressing the new Guided Games system, Bungie revealed that would roll out slowly over the first few weeks of Destiny 2’s life.

For Guided Games to have a successful launch, we need time for enough players to form into real Clans and be ready to guide other Guardians. If there are too many solo Seekers and not enough Clan Guides, the queues for matching will be quite long. Therefore, we’re going to roll out Guided Games as a limited-access ‘soft beta’, where only a select number of solo players will be able to use Guided Games for the Nightfall on 9/12. This will allow us to slowly ramp up players over the course of September (and allow Clan populations to grow) so that everyone has a great experience.

  • Nightfall Guided Games Beta: September 12th, 10AM
    • 30-50% of players will be given seeker access, depending on clan participation in Destiny 2 during the first week.
  • Nightfall and Raid Guided Games: September 26th, 10AM
    • Target: 100% of players will be given seeker access.

Destiny 2 launches on September 6, with the servers going live at midnight Eastern for the NA region. A live action trailer was released yesterday, and Luke Smith revealed that Ghaul would probably listen to the Moana soundtrack. We’ve also got a handy beginner’s guideDestiny 2 for those that are new to the series, or if you just need a refresher.

[Source: Bungie]

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