The countdown is on to Father’s Day 2018. You have until Sunday, June 17 to come up with something memorable for dad. To help in that often challenging task, a few days back I posted some gift ideas for music-loving dads. 

This time I’m going back through the products I’ve reviewed over the past few years to come up with five recommendations for dads who love gadgets. There’s something in this list for virtually any price (starting at just $20), and covering a wide range of functionality.

The RIVER Mobile Power Station can charge a smartphone over 30 times, has AC outlets and is water resistant.

Portable power stations are extremely useful. The EcoTech RIVER Mobile Power Station is a really handy version that’s midway between the high capacity versions intended to charge smartphones, and the much bigger units that can power a home appliance.

It weighs just 11 pounds and incorporates an ergonomic handle for easy carrying (an optional bag with shoulder strap is available). The case includes a handy LED display, built-in cooling fan and plenty of output ports including USB, USB-C, 12V car charger, and a pair of AC electrical outlets. The RIVER can operate in extreme temperatures –both hot and cold– and It’s IP67 water resistant.

During my testing, its 114,000 mAh Lithium Ion battery powered a 27-inch iMac with three USB drives also drawing power, for four hours. It has the capacity to charge smartphones 30 times or more and can power up to 11 devices simultaneously.

At $699, the RIVER Mobile Power Station isn’t cheap, but it covers off a lot of use cases: everything from mobile power for camping to providing a power source at remote work sites, or offering emergency battery backup at home during a blackout.

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