Blockchain technology has experienced amazing growth in 2017 and has continued to grow in similar fashion in 2018. The demand for virtual money has increased significantly, and linear cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are slowly starting to falter behind this trend. Traditional trade mechanisms are being changed, as new cryptocurrency and blockchain-based solutions come up. The latest independent coin, Fluzcoin, aims to resolve the major problems cryptocurrencies suffer from and promises to usher a new age for low-volatility customer-friendly retail coin. Is Fluzcoin ready for mass adoption? Read our review and find out.

What is Fluzcoin?

Cryptocurrencies generally suffer an unreliable reputation online, and many of them cannot be used in most retail stores or online shop. There are, of course, a number of reasons why crypto traders tend to avoid them. They are volatile, have high transaction costs and lack compliance. However, Fluzcoin differs from this, as it provides AI based stability, independent decentralized mechanisms, and has already obtained the support of retailers for its implementation. All of this helps to ensure that Fluzcoin has a stable and predictable value and fluctuation path, compared to regular FIAT and crypto-to-crypto transaction platforms. The stability and predictability of this platform work both ways, which means that this coin probably won’t ever skyrocket in value as some of the other coins on the market.

Benefits of Fluzcoin

Cryptocurrencies have long been talked about as the payment method of the future, though this hasn’t fully come to fruition yet. For this to become a reality, cryptocurrencies still have a long way to go. These issues mainly persist when it comes to transaction speed, costs, volatility, and compliance. Though transaction speeds and costs have become relatively user-friendly, the volatility and unpredictability of cryptocurrencies are at levels neither customers nor traders could have expected. Since it is a new and risky blockchain platform, there are potential risks that product adoption can go slower than planned. Though this isn’t a make or break deal, its something to keep in mind when investing in Fluzcoin.

The Fluzcoin technology could be a game-changer when it comes to all of these aspects. It could potentially bring an independent, private and high-speed transaction service that has high tradeability and guarantees zero-fee transactions for all its consumers. Fluzcoin is also built for large-scale transactions, and is not tied to a certain type of blockchain transaction, but has a flexible infrastructure that will be able to evolve as time goes by. This last part is especially important, as it means that Fluzcoin could potentially be a long-term business solution.

Practical Use of Fluzcoin

There are two main ways Fluzcoin can be used for online payments and transactions. It can be used as a centralized transaction platform (like Paypal) and as a safety solution that gives users full security and control over their platform. This means that Fluzcoin can practically be integrated with any major eCommerce or Business platforms such as Shopify, Magento, WuCommerce and many more.

What does this mean for consumers? Well, Fluzcoin aims to build a blockchain platform that will be to the eCommerce industry as valuable as Ethereum is to token industry and Ripple is to banking. Consumers will be able to use the Fluzcoin wallet to process their retail store payments, as well as any online purchases they make. The cross-integrated platform will provide a stable and easy-to-use transaction interface. The coin will be easy to use, convert, plus there will be additional loyalty incentives for most frequent users.

The business model Fluzcoin emphasizes revolves around building personalized interactions with their customers, without the users having to worry about any in-depth technological or economic aspects of the coin and the platform itself. This potentially means that Fluzcoin can become a true and established retail currency available for a wide range of consumers, which can lead to a whole new ecosystem that can turn Fluzcoin into a platform for new applications and cryptocurrencies.

The Team behind Fluzcoin

Such a well-thought out and the complex project could only come from the minds of an impressive team and that is definitely the case with Fluzcoin. Members of their team acted as founding members or executives from the following companies: Carlyle Group (Co-Founder), SWAY Ventures (General Partner), PayPal (Integration Director), BlackRock, Intuit, Zolando (VP of AI), Google (AI Development lead), US Embassy (Ambassador to Singapore), P2P Foundation (Ambassador), Nike Central America (Executive VP), El Costo Stores (Executive VP) and more.

The executive team has a proven track record of blockchain implementation, retail, and eCommerce know-how as well as start-up company scaling. Stefan Krautwald, Chief Commercial Director of Fluzcoin, is also a Co-Founder of the global cash network Fluz Fluz and has graduated the WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany, while David Rosenblatt, the corporate development director, is a business, finance and technology expert. In addition to its executives, the Fluzcoin team features technical advisors with extensive trading, engineering and payment industry knowledge from companies such as Paypal, Deutsche Bank, and Google as well as an active Board of Advisors that is made out of experienced professionals with impeccable reputation and decades of leadership experience in various industries.

This exciting project is still at its earliest stages but promises to be the one that can resolve many transaction issues.

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