It’s hard to beat a game that you can’t even start.

In a season of limited Microsoft exclusives, the indie platformer Cuphead comes at just the right time to offer Xbox One and Windows 10 players something to get excited about. And after seven long years in development, the game has delivered.


At least for the players who were able to properly download and install it. The issues started Friday when people began reporting on Twitter and Reddit that after purchasing the game they were still unable to download and install it. One person posted their exchange with customer support alluded to an “issue with the purchase and content servers” that would be resolved in a few hours. By Saturday morning, some people were still having the same issue, and varying success with a potential fix discovered by others that involved hard resetting the console and going to the “manage game” section to re-start the installation.

Today, the problems on Xbox One appear to have died down and been replaced by frustration with the Windows 10 version of the game instead. Cuphead is a “play anywhere” game meaning that anyone who purchases it for either Xbox One or through the Microsoft store on PC will get the other version for free. As a number of angry reviews on the Cuphead page reveal, however, many were unable to install the game their either.

To add insult to injury, those who were able to get the game installed encountered a separate issue: a bug that stopped their progress from getting saved. Players would leave the game and then return only to find themselves back at the first level. As one customer review put it, “Love the game, would like to save.”

While the makers of the game, Studio MDHR, haven’t addressed the issues publicly, one Reddit user who goes by WickedYeti reported receiving the following response in a private exchange with the studio,

“There is a temporary workaround, which is to avoid using ALT-Tab to leave the game for any amount of time. Apparently it disconnects the game from being able to save any further progress. Hopefully knowing that, you can avoid this issue until we are able to send a patch.”

It’s not ideal but at least following these guidelines some players should be able to avoid hitting their heads up against the same bosses more times than absolutely necessary.


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