For Season 4 Battle Pass owners, Tuesdays are an exciting day in Fortnite. A new set of weekly challenges is released, and although you have the full season to complete them, players are eager to get them done and earn new rewards. That process is about to become a more pleasant one, thanks to one of several new quality-of-life changes coming soon.

Epic Games has outlined many of the new features and changes that are slated for update 4.3 and beyond. One thing that is coming in 4.3 is challenge progress notifications. As you accomplish your objectives, a message will pop up during matches to let you know where you stand toward finishing a given challenge.

Currently, you can only check on how you’re doing with challenges in between matches from the main menu. You can also take mental notes (or physical ones, if you really want to get wild), but that becomes difficult when a bunch of challenges pile up. Was I supposed to get Eliminations in Tomato Town and open chests in Greasy Grove, or the other way around? How many more shotgun kills did I need? It gets confusing and can impact your ability to get things done if you’re shooting at enemies with a pistol when you’re already done with that challenge.

It’s a minor adjustment, but it’s just the sort of thing that’s much appreciated by players–especially when Epic continues to roll out new playable content. It’s also not the only quality-of-life improvement that will benefit those seeking to complete challenges, although others are useful to everyone. For instance, Epic is experimenting with adding in-world markers (to go along with those you see on the map and compass) and continuing to reduce load times.

The latest Fortnite update, 4.2, introduced the long-awaited jetpack for a limited time. There’s a lot more to look forward to on the horizon, as we’re also on the verge of seeing more new limited-time modes, including one called Playground that includes respawns and friendly fire.

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