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If you’re away from an outlet or on the road, a portable backup battery is essential for your phone. These backup battery solutions step it up a notch with some unique features!

Tylt Block Party, $130

The Tylt Block Party is a portable battery and Bluetooth speaker in one! You get a giant 20,000 mAh capacity which means you can recharge a typical iPhone about 10 times. The device is two parts – the battery bank on the bottom and Bluetooth speaker that sits on top. Crank out the tunes for up to 72 hours. There are also 4 USB ports so your friends can join in on the “charging party” as well.

LuMee Power Light, $50

LuMee is known for their light up phone cases, now they’re applying that same LED technology to a portable power bank. The LuMee Power Light is a backup battery that also has a built-in light so you can use it on the go to get creative! Light up your Selfies or Facebook Lives, or use the strobe light function to make your videos look extra unique.

RavPower Power Bank, $66

Wireless charging shouldn’t be limited to your home or office. The RavPower Power Bank lets you wirelessly charge your phone anywhere! This portable backup battery has a wireless charging pad built in, so just lay your phone on top and it will be charged up and ready to go in no time. RavPower uses a proprietary HyperAir technology to safely charge iPhones at full speed and faster than the competition. The PB080 has 10,400 mAh battery along with USB-C and a USB QC 3.0 port – basically, you’re getting the fastest possible input and outputs from this charging device.

OmniCharge, starting at $180

OmniCharge makes the ultimate power banks. There are several different models, but we tested the Omni 20. This gives you the flexibility to charge anything, anywhere thanks to a built-in AC outlet and DC port. Yes, the OmniCharge has a real power outlet so you can plug in anything with a standard plug. But, you can also use a DC adapter to plug in and power pretty much any laptop at full speed. If you’re really out and about, you can recharge the OmniCharge using a solar panel. I also love how the OmniCharge has a built-in LCD screen so you can see exactly how much juice your battery has left and see the exact output in real time. It’s a road warrior nerd’s dream.

Just want an inexpensive portable charger? I recommend the Anker PowerCore. At around $30, it will charge your phone about 3-5 times and it gets lots of great reviews.

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