BigBerky Water Filter

Hurricane Harvey is a good reason to take a look at the latest and greatest in preparedness products on the market.

When it comes to purifying water, BigBerky Water Filters are some of the best in the business. Very few water filter systems can handle lakes, streams, stagnant water and even untreated raw water like this system.

The system I have included covers two to four people. Without power or treated water, this would have come in handy, even at some of the shelters set up in Houston.

The best part of this system is that while it removes bacteria, viruses, parasites, chemicals etc., it doesn’t remove the minerals. Other purifiers remove minerals and you actually need them for sustainability.

Swedish FireSteel

After water, the next thing to worry about in a disaster is fire. Wet matches won’t work and neither will a lighter that’s been in a flood. The Swedish FireSteel was developed for the Swedish Department of Defense.

It creates a 5432-degree F (3,000-degree C) spark and works at any altitude.

To use, just pile up dry grass, leaves or paper and then force the striker down on the FireSteel.

It is designed to last for 12,000 strikes; plenty to ride out a bad storm or electricity outage.

Mylar Blanket

Next: Shelter or at least something to keep you warm in a disaster.

These mylar blankets can often be seen at the end of a marathon race to keep runners warm.

They also work great as emergency protection because they keep the body heat in and they’re small enough and light enough to carry in your car or survival backpack.

They’re waterproof and are 51 inches by 82 inches.

You may even get a bunch of these and, in an emergency, fashion tents out of them.

CREE Tacticle Flashlight

Light is the next order of business.

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In an emergency, when it comes to flashlights, you can’t have too many.

The CREE Tacticle Flashlight has a strobe, so you can signal for help.

It works on low light to save the battery and a high beam to act as a beacon.

Emergency Radio With Hand Crank

Finally, you need communication, especially when the disaster relates to weather.

I have two of these and they are great.

You can hand crank it as the batteries wear out.

There is an all-purpose weather alert setting you can tune while in the midst of a hurricane, flood, tornado or power outage. It’s super durable with rounded corners, has a built-in flashlight and a solar panel for when the sun comes back out.

Often people have no idea where their emergency gear is. A good idea is to create a bug-out bag that you can grab at a moment’s notice. Many of the hurricane victims had very little time to gather anything before they had to evacuate.

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