In January 2017, I decided that since I’m surrounded by technology I was going to use it to turn around my health and fitness. Despite being a relatively strong and active person, too many years of being sedentary for too long, combined with eating the wrong foods for the wrong reasons, had resulted in my weight ballooning to over 300 pounds.

Before I go on, I want to say that technology was only a part of the puzzle. Technology wasn’t a magic solution, and while leveraging apps and devices made the job easier, it didn’t make it easy. And I’m not going to tell you that it was easy.

It wasn’t. It was hard.

There were no shortcuts. No magic pill or injection, and no “vibrate yourself to fitness” infomercial-esque, gimmicky solution. The past year and a half has been one that’s seen a lot of lifting of heavy things, yoga, swinging kettlebells, calisthenics, sweaty weight vest workouts, more yoga, lots of pull ups and dips, and miles of going nowhere on my Schwinn AirDyne AD6 bike.

But it’s also been incredibly rewarding, and I’ve learned a lot about myself on the journey. I’ve now got about 10 pounds left to lose before I hit my goal weight, and when I get to that goal, I will use tech to keep my weight down.

If you’re someone reading this who has lost weight, whether that amount is measured in pounds or a few hundred pounds, you have my respect. I know how hard it is, and how rocky the path can be. If you’re someone who has weight to lose, I’m here to tell you that you have what it takes inside you to do it.

I also feel the need to add that I am not a doctor, and would highly recommend that anyone looking to lose weight do so under the supervision of a medical professional. Not only can they offer really useful advice, there’s a sense of immense satisfaction that comes from actually seeing yourself get healthier from a medical point of view.

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