(WTNH) — What’s new in the photography gadget world? A Connecticut husband and wife photographer duo know first hand what’s out there.

Chelsea and Tony Northrop brought in cameras and a drone to get you all lined up for your holiday wish list.

“This is the DGI Spark and it’s the hot gift I think this year. You can pick them up for a little under $500,” explained Tony.

“We travel just about everywhere with a drone because those shots are always the most striking shots that we get of our whole trip even though we’re photographers,” he continued. “Even though we travel with big, expensive cameras, it’s always the shots from the little drone that people really end up attaching to.”

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Next, we checked out a high-end camera.

“This is the Sony Alpha 9 and I have the 7200 G Master lens on here, and if I could pick any camera for sports and portraits, it would be this,” Tony said. “It is the ultimate camera. Together, these would cost about $7,000.”

“It takes 20 still photos per second which is something no other camera like this has ever been able to do, so if you’re a sports photographer, it means you can catch just the perfect moment,” he continued.

“We do get a lot of cool gadgets, cameras, mirror-less cameras. They’re getting smaller and better so that’s exciting that cameras are getting smaller and you can bring them to more places,” said Chelsea. “But I think what I’m most excited about is that photography is becoming more accessible. Every kid has a camera in their picket and I’m seeing kids take pictures, and they’re not just snapping a photo. They’re getting down low, they’re looking for the light, it’s kind of turning everyone into an artist.

You can find out more about the Northrups by going to https://northrup.photo/.

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