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Tech users are familiar with the pace technology gives birth to trends and gadgets that sometimes turns out to be a stunning success or an utter failure.  Nevertheless, this does not deter creators in developing what could be the next grandiose thing in innovation regardless of the chance of failure.  This is where a new trend has occurred for 2018 and possibly beyond with the idea of gadgets having a folding display.

There have been plenty of ideas throughout the history of technology that many have thought were outrageous or impossible to achieve, such as the notion of a folding display.  Although many would scoff at such an idea, there is an increasing number of manufacturers who have shown an interest in devices like this being released.  Let us look closer to see why this could be the next big trend of 2018 and beyond.

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What kind of gadgets could incorporate a folding display?

Considering that some feel that having displays that contain a high effective area (frameless) in the smartphone market will be the last trend, the future may see the next step which would be replaced with flexible/folding display.  This seems more realistic in that most of the manufacturers that are fascinated by this concept desire to make a folding smartphone.  Samsung could at CES 2018 present a smartphone having such a screen.

Besides smartphones, computer manufacturing companies are looking to create tablet computers that use folding displays; Microsoft Corporation is currently in development of a non-standard tablet computer in which the project has been given the name ‘Andromeda’.  Reports say that Andromeda will contain a cellular connection and its’ size will be that of a large smartphone; however, it will not be a smartphone.  This means the unit can be folded and fit-in the pocket of an individual’s jacket.

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More examples of gadgets with foldable displays

Having one or two viable examples regarding the possibility of gadgets with folding displays may mildly attract would-be manufacturers or buyers; hearing about four or more possible contenders making this concept a reality will get potential customers to listen more closely.  Tech Blog must have caught wind of conversations going on about these hopeful gadgets as I came across a post on their website from 2011 where it showed an interesting sleek and portable notebook computer called Feno.  The device compressed into a foldable design that had a pop-out mouse, flexible OLED display and a full-sized keypad; unfortunately, it doesn’t say if it ever made it to the production phase.

While the Feno may not fall under the “realistic completion” category, Gizmodo reported over the summer about a folding tablet that could soon become a reality.  Andrew Liszewski wrote about a prototype folding tablet that was his dream gadget after attending Lenovo’s Tech World conference held over the summer in San Francisco.  The prototype that the company showed off was called Folio and it left on-lookers with a favorable lasting impression.

The Folio prototype had a screen that was flexible that permitted it to transform from a mobile device (the size of a smartphone) into a larger tablet.  The goal was to take the best features of a smartphone and a tablet to then put them into a gadget with the ability to easily transport it around in your pocket. Once the prototype can be manufactured for potential customers, other companies will be forced to produce their own version, or they run the risk of losing current and would-be customers.

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The future is foldable displays

There are now plenty of examples out in industry that show not only the desire of tech users for gadgets with foldable displays, but manufacturers are also coming around to the idea.  Although previous attempts have not made it out yet into the market place, the signs are there that demonstrate foldable displays are very close to becoming available for would-be users.  That is why gadgets with foldable displays will be the trend for 2018 and beyond.



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