Creating a mobile app is inexpensive. This is an often-repeated but grossly inaccurate statement. The moment that you start doing research about developing your app, you will quickly discover that professional app development isn’t as cheap as what many people are saying.

Unless you have the coding skills to create the app yourself, having an app built for you can be very pricey. So, what are the real costs involved in building a mobile app for iOS or Android? And, what is influencing the price of developing the app? If you are thinking about creating a mobile app for your business, you might need to consider all the facts, that include the real costs of building your app.

The costs difference between Android and iOS

Another myth that is going around is that there isn’t any price difference between creating an app for android and iOS. That no matter if you are considering creating an Android app, you are going to pay the same as for creating your iOS app.

This is not true at all. It is much cheaper to create an iOS app than an Android app. And, it takes a lot longer to create an Android app as well. Meaning that you are going to pay the people you hired for designing your app more than for those that are creating an iOS app. So, it is cheaper and faster to create an iOS app.

Are you going to design a simple app or an advanced app?

Another thing that is going to influence the total cost of your mobile app. Is the design of the app going to be a simple app that is just basic and offer normal features? Or, are you going for an advanced app that is going to be different from the rest, but going to need a lot of designing and development to get it done?

A simple design will be a lot cheaper than a sophisticated mobile app. This is why you will not see advanced apps on the app store, but only simple, practical apps. There isn’t any reason why you should pay a lot of money for something difficult to use if users can use the simple, practical app.

Is it cheaper to design and create the app yourself?

There are people that can design and create the app themselves. But this is most people that have the necessary experience and knowledge in creating apps. Yes, it might be cheaper, but if you don’t have the knowledge and experience, you are just going to waste money.

Sometimes it isn’t recommended to do something yourself just to try to save money. Especially with something like designing an app.

The more people you are hiring for designing your app, the more it will cost

When you are outsourcing the service of designing and developing your mobile app to an app developer, it will cost a lot less, than hiring private people that will work together in designing your app. This is something that not many people know about, to outsource the development of a mobile app to an experienced service.

There are other benefits that your business will have as well when you are making use of an experienced outsourcing company.

What are the real costs of creating an Android and iOS mobile app? Some are saying that this is cheaper than what you might think. However, this isn’t really the case. Depending on the type of platform, the type of app you want and who you are going to hire, this can become really expensive. Something that you need to make really sure about before you are just wasting money on trying to do it all by yourself.

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