The internet is not just the home of trends and gossip; people rely on it for information of all sorts. As marketers, we’re tasked with the responsibility of creating relatable, unique, and resourceful content.

You would agree with me that the most important part of a social media strategy plan is content creation. Writing a perfect post requires deep concentration, creativity, language proficiency, and editing skill. Swiftly sip your drink (if you have one), and relax while I dish out some practical content creation hints.

When preparing a good writeup, you have to consider the three W’s;

  • Who am I writing to? (the audience)
  • What’s the purpose of this post?
  • What platform is this post meant for? (IG, Facebook, or Twitter)

The target audience, purpose, and social platform are the three core factors that should guide you while writing. Every audience has their own preferred niche, and social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram require different post formats.

10 Tips for Creating Successful Social Media Posts on Facebook and Instagram

In this article, you’re going to discover the ten steps to writing successful social media posts, and see social media strategy examples.


Try out different post lengths

Experiment with post lengths to get the ideal amount of words required to capture your audience. The perfect post length differs with the specific niche. Some niches require long copies while others require a couple of sentences.

Generally, Facebook’s word limit is 63,206 for every status update. But according to buffer, Facebook post engagement increases when less words are used. The shorter the post, the higher its level of engagement. It’s advisable to keep your posts within 70 to 80 characters.

Referencing the statistics provided by the National Public Radio (NPR), over 3,000 of their Facebook link posts were analysed for performance data. They discovered that posts with less than 120 characters had more click-through rates when compared to those with 280 characters and above, but the longer ones had other types of clicks (like clicks to ‘see more’).

Insert questions

Insert questions

Asking questions is a unique way to engage the reader. Posing questions increases the reader’s interest in the content. For instance, rather than:

  • Click here to see our Product XZY review
  • A question that would drive the reader to engage with the subject might say:
  • Looking for info on Product XYZ? We’ve been there too! Check out our complete review.

List your key items

List your key items

Listed items or bullet points help the reader scroll through your page and see the essential information, even if they can’t go through your full post. Lists help sharpen the focus of the article so readers can check out all of your content. Divide your key points into bullet points, and use them as your Facebook statuses.

Make use of short quotes or stats

Make use of short quotes or stats

Who doesn’t love quotes? Adding quotes is an amazing way to engage your readers. Quotes are memorable and help the reader understand your company culture. You can either quote another person or use an extract from an article. This is a great place to quote articles that are yours! Either way, keep your audience engaged and interested in your content.

Add flair with an emoji or two

Beautify your content with an emoji or two

According to a research conducted by Hubspot, using emojis improved likes by 57%, comments by 33%, and shares by 33%. Bring your post to life with emojis.

What’s the perfect picture size for Facebook?

The correct image size for a Facebook shared image is 1,200 x 630 pixels, while the image that is pulled from your shared link should be 1,200 x 627 pixels.


Use interactive intro

Unlike Facebook, Instagram allows a maximum of 2,200 characters in individual captions. And after three lines, the text is automatically truncated with an ellipsis. The Instagram user can expand the text to read all of your information. This strategy is used to grab the readers’ attention with an appealing intro, and encourage them to read further.

Start micro-blogging

Start micro-blogging

Micro-blogging is the latest trend, which involves posting short but striking captions with videos or pictures. There’s no time for boredom on Instagram; to get your desired engagement via micro-blogging, your content must be interesting, creative, and resourceful.

While making sure your post is appealing, you ought to dive deeper. For instance:

  • How-to tutorials: You can use Instagram captions to teach people how to do a task. It can be “how to cook a certain meal” or “5 steps to opening a WordPress blog.” By covering the process with images or videos, the caption will then help your audience to better understand the context.
  • Tips and tricks: Add small snippets that explain the theme of your video or picture content. For instance, together with an image of your curly hair, you can write “tips to make stubborn hair curly. 👶“
  • Backstages: If your company produces bread, you want to give your audience an engaging experience by showing them behind-the-scenes picture of how the bread was produced. For instance, you could share the images of your team members working, and share some info about the baking process. Also, don’t forget to tag your team members to build your company’s community.

Use related hashtags

Use related hashtags

When used properly, hashtags help people discover your posts. This increases your visibility, engagement, and follower count. A trial might convince you. Just make sure the hashtags are related to your brand. Unrelated hashtags might give you more likes and followers, but selling your content to an uninterested audience hurts your brand in the long run.

Ask for comments

Ask for comments

Asking for comments is a good way to improve post engagement. Sometimes, to get people to engage with your posts, you need just ask for it. It costs nothing. You just have to ask nicely. For instance, “My favorite shoe brand is Nike? What’s yours? 💙” works just fine.

What is the ideal image size for Instagram?

For square Instagram images, the ideal image size is 1080px in width by 1080px in height, while vertical and horizontal Instagram images have 1080px in width by 1350px in height and 1080px in width by 566px in height sizes, respectively.

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