It’s the end of the year and everyone must have gotten a gift or two that could have been a gadget. Maybe an iPhoneX (or a cellphone brand you like), a tablet or a laptop -thus you are sure to dump your old functioning gadget ASAP. But before you throw it into your junky box of unused gadgets, think about it.

You could resell it and make some cash online. What a wonderful way to start 2018, don’t you think? Reserve the excitement for now because you need to learn about the tricks of the trade to make it big in this market. First things first, to get more money this is what you should do.

Online Research

You may know how much you purchased the gadget the first time you bought it but you may not know how much it goes as a second-hand. This is where the online search comes in. Some browsing gives you an idea on how to stage your prices. That way, you will not be too cheap or way above other sellers.

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Choose Your Marketing Platform Wisely

There are a number of sites to market your old gadgets but picking the best one is what you should aim for. You may realize that a trade-in could fetch more cash than a normal sell. Recycling sites are also good platforms to explore as they can accept broken gadgets though at a fixed price. Well, after you have read the whole article and have grasped all the tips, you can run an assessment across the below sites and see what they have to offer:

  1. Sell My Cell Phones
  2. Glyde
  3. Nextworth
  4. Swappa
  5. USell

Value Addition

There are a few touchups you will need to look into before reselling your gadget and be sure you will get a handsome reward. Packaging the gadget is one such quick fix. You heard that right! Find the original box, manual, chargers, earphones and all the accessories that came with the phone. A client will definitely pay more with all these present.

Reset the Gadget

Another important point you shouldn’t miss is to do a factory reset to delete all your personal data. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if someone read through your texts and other personal stuff? Apart from that remember to also clean the gadget externally. This will enhance its appearance as it will look new.

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Good Timing is Key

If you have ever heard a saying that good things take time, here you need to know that good timing is all it takes.  It is not every day that a consumer will buy a used phone/tablet, so you got to be focused on trends. For instance, when new phones are launched, older phones gain entry into the market. You can also time weekends and holidays when users have time to shop online. With the correct timing, your release cycle will always be on point.

Be Updated on the Warranty

Check your warranty and include it in the gadget description. Customers will want to know if they are still covered in case of any damage. If your warranty is still on, you will probably earn more but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell it with no warranty. Other services such as delivery can help you still compete favorably.

Keep Your Eyes Open for Scams

When the deal is too good you better think twice. There are many fraudsters in the market thus you should beware by documenting your transactions. Read more on a seller protection in case you are conducting direct sells.

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When Selling Directly…

If you are exploring doing the sell on your own, it means you have realized that this is the best way to get more returns. Instead of selling to companies, you can sell online through sites such as eBay and Amazon. Survival tips you need here include:

  • Offer detailed information on the gadget without leaving out anything. You don’t want customers losing confidence in you.
  • Take photos of the gadget and highlight the areas that show signs of wear and tear like the shutter of a camera.
  • You can also sell through your social network on sites such as Facebook Marketplace.

Selling Components

For some gadgets such as desktop computers, you can sell some as components which are worth more separately. You can sell motherboards and items like graphic cards to get more returns. Items that are not worth your time should just be left out or consider donating.



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