Google announced today that it would be unveiling Android O on Monday, August 21st and it would be coinciding with the total solar eclipse that is also happening that day. Of course, as is usually the case, most people are left trying to decode Google’s choice in announcing Android O right after the solar eclipse, and Evleaks has just put out a Tweet saying “Happy Eclipse” with a picture of an Oreo that looks like the solar eclipse. Of course, this doesn’t confirm that it will be Oreo, but it does lend more credit to the many theories and speculation that it would be Android Oreo.

Android O, which is also Android 8.0, is the next version of Android and the stable version is expected to be available on Monday, August 21st after the name is unveiled during this event in New York City. The company has made quite a few changes with Android O, of course the biggest changes are to do with the notification system, since there are now notification channels, where users can see urgent notifications at the top with their less important ones towards the bottom, just as you’d expect it to be. Of course, there are also a ton of under-the-hood changes implemented here in Android O, which is the case with every new version of Android.

This new version of Android could be called Oreo or something else, all we know right now is that it is going to start with O and also be version 8.0. It’ll be made official on Monday, which is an exciting time, as Google only unveils a new version of Android once a year now. It should begin rolling out to Nexus and Pixel devices shortly thereafter, and be available to all of its partners for updates to their own devices as well. Android O is bound to be the biggest update yet for Google, and it’s going to have its biggest unveiling yet since there is a total solar eclipse this year – the last time there was one was 1918, nearly 99 years ago, so this is a pretty big deal for more reasons than one.

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