Why is it so ugly?!
the smaller pixel 2 is ugly as hell
Looks very nice (although safe) can’t wait to see what Google will bring to the table with Pixel 2!

Pixel 1 was a great first phone, but it was missing a few things that were dealbreakers, hopefully Google has fixed those

Thank you Google. Makes my iPhone X purchase that much easier.

Seems to.me that you are using any excuse to justify your iPhone X purchase. Why though. If you want iPhone Z just buy. I on other hand, probably will go for this.

This is so hideous
now every flagship android, looks the same design,have the same OS, same cpu SD, almost same amount of RAM…wtf
I really now appreciate the iphone x “ears” it looks strange but far different from the others.

Why is it so ugly?!

Compared to what? Other smart phones that look the same. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But more importantly, its what the Pixel offers, aesthetics eventually wears off and it’s all about the user experience.

Thank you Google. Makes my iPhone X purchase that much easier.
it’s it’s… uglier than the notch!

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