Hitting up a bar for drinks may be fun, but that growing tab can really sneak up on you. Ordering drinks can be pricey, especially when you consider the fact that many are easily made at home. Want to become a star host who tends bar like a professional right at home? You will need some bar gadgets to help you out when your friends are telling you their orders, whether it’s cocktails, margaritas, jello shots, or beer. With these gadgets for bartenders, your home will become the new hottest bar in town. Impress your friends and family with these bartending gadgets that will let you tend bar and serve booze like a true pro.

We rounded up our favorite tech gadgets for bartenders. So check it out while you pop open a bottle of wine. Don’t forget to drink safely!

EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler ($419)

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With so many types and containers of alcohol lying around, a good bartender needs a place to store them all — not to mention keep them cool. This kegerator and keg beer cooler by Edgestar holds U.S. standard one-quarter and half kegs. With a temperature range of low 30s to mid 40s, it can even double as a refrigerator in a pinch. When you’re busy tending bar, any device that can serve double-duty is one worth having on hand. Casters also make this gadget super mobile, so you can move it around with you as you’re making and pouring drinks for your guests. There’s even a drip tray that helps to minimize messes if a container accidentally spills. Hey, the last thing you want to do after a night of serving drinks is clean up, right?

Aervana One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator ($100)
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Good wine needs to be aerated, and as a pro bartender, you need a good aerator to get the job done. This one by Aervana provides instant aeration with the push of a button, then pours the wine straight into your waiting glass. No need to aim, lift, or worry about spilling. Aervana also gets the job done effectively by providing more air contact surface to speed up the oxidation process, so you and your guests aren’t waiting around to get your drink on. Plus, it keeps wine sediment in the bottom of the bottle and out of your glass, which is one less thing for you to worry about as the bartender.

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Icebirg Lite ($199)
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Having a steady supply of ice is an annoying but necessary part of being a good bartender. The best way to produce ice isn’t an ice cube tray, which can be slow and tends to spill. The Icebirg Lite creates uniformly sized balls of ice every time, and they’re exactly 2.5 inches — perfect for most glasses and cups. The stainless steel guide rods are easy to use and maneuver, and a flavor PRO coating helps to promote flavor protection. This kind of high-performance gadget is something you will frequently find in high-end bars, but now you can have one at home, too.

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 Margaritaville Bahamas Frozen Concoction Maker ($213)
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Want a no-brainer tool that can create pina coladas, daiquiris, margaritas, and more? This frozen concoction maker by Margaritaville can create all kinds of tropics-inspired party drinks that will have your guests feeling like they’re lounging on a beach. There are provided measurements for specific drinks to make the whole process even more fool-proof and easy to follow. Use the automatic shave ‘n blend cycle, or reach for the manual blend cycle for more control over the drink consistency. The easy-pour jar also makes your finished product easy to dispense. Just pop open the hatch, and get your drink on.

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Lumsing Wine Opener ($26)
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When you’re popping corks off multiple bottles in a night for your guests, you need a wine opener that does the job efficiently. This electric wine bottle opener removes corks in seconds, and you’re guaranteed up to 45 bottles on a single charge. It’s simple to operate and can pop corks off all traditional wine bottles with the push of a button. When the device is getting close to needing a charge, a low-battery indicator will let you know. When the night is over, just pop the built-in rechargeable battery onto the charger. Rest assured, this bottle opener won’t leave you with broken corks stuck in the bottle neck, or bits of cork floating around in your wine. You will enjoy a clean pop every time.

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