IT’S MAY THE 4TH, a day on which Star Wars fans celebrate all there is in the galaxy far, far away.

This is a global holiday, so chances are you will hear someone say “May the Force/fourth be with you” today. You might also see memes being shared across the internet, movie marathons on cable, and sales across the web on all-things Star Wars related.

And what better way to celebrate than with a whole crock of Force/Empire related tittle tattle. Wallet ready? Go!

Posh Paws Porg Plushie

Other characters are available, but we love the aliteration, not to mention this cuddly little guy set to become one of the stars of the last Star Wars film. So far, we’ve seen him sitting on the dashboard of the Millenium Falcon with Chewie. He’s about a foot high, and squidgy as you like. Other cuddly characters in the range include everyone from BB-8 to Kylo Ren (for some reason).

The Posh Paws Plushies are available from a range of stockists. Our Porg is on Amazon for £27.99.

Star Wars: Last Jedi Top Trumps

Remember Top Trumps? Course you do. We can remember it from when the first Star Wars came out and that’s just a little bit sad. But here’s an updated set for the new movie. Same rules apply, pick a card, choose a skill and challenge your opponents. Highest score gets both cards. It makes more sense when you play it, honest. Loads of great pics from the films and of course stats of your favourite characters.

Grab your Star Wars Top Trumps deck from Winning Moves for £5.99.

Plox Death Star Floating MP3 Speaker

Oh, this should have been so much better. And yes, it’s very cool when you finally get the force to align (actually an effing strong magnet) and the Death Star actually does float but it took us 35 minutes of trapping our fingers (this isn’t one for kids) and the mp3 speaker is… just awful. So, our advice would be to balance a beach ball over a Hoover instead. It’s cheaper, it’s safer and the sound will be better.

The speaker is an eye-watering £129.99 from Amazon.

Nvidia Star Wars: Last Jedi Titan XP GPU

Proving there is literally nothing that Lucasfilm can’t merch the crap out of when it comes to Star Wars,  one for the First Order, the other for the Alliance. It’s $1299 by the way. Nuff said.

R2D2 Travel Mug

Too cute. Keep toastie on your commute with coffee (or whatever you like) kept warm with this travel mug made up to look like the stalwart droid. It has a slide back sipping hole (fnar), so be careful you don’t burn your lips if your drink is too Hoth. Sorry.

The R2D2 Travel Mug is £12.99 from eBay

Star Wars beanie hats

You’re never fully dressed without a Hoxton Bonnet. Fortunately, Yellow Bulldog is on hand with a range of licenced Christmas jumpers and beanies to keep you snug as a bug in the festive season. We’ve been testing out the Boba Fett beanie and the At-At, and they are warm as toast with some lovely tooling on the fold. There’s also designs from the likes of Marvel, Doctor Who, Pokemon – you know – the usual suspects.

Yellow Bulldog has loads of stuff to wade through, but the hats cost from £12.99.

R2D2 Desk Vacuum Cleaner

Our other favourite droid can help you clean your desk in the form of this dust collecting R2D2. USB connected, he’ll get all the evidence of crumbs and crud out from around your workstation. He works pretty well too, and when he’s done, he looks pretty cool perched on your desk.

R2D2 is just £14.99 from our pals at Prezzybox.

Build Your Own Lightsaber

So you want to build a lightsaber, eh? Well, good, don’t let us stop you. The guys from Technology Will Save Us are using their motion sensor, the mover, to help you create one from scratch and code it to do your bidding – ideal for first-time coders and kids too. Imagine being 10 and programming and building your own lightsaber from scratch! Amazing!

You’ll need a Mover Kit from Technology Will Save Us, and it’ll cost you £59.99.

Darth Vader Toaster

Toast. It powers the universe. And with Darth’s head, you can make toast that has the Star Wars logo on it. For your Mum, if you want. I mean, why not. He’s more heated element than man, these days.

The Darth Vader Toaster can be yours for £49.99 from The Fowndry.

Sphero Star Wars Droids

We all went bonkers over BB-8 in 2015, and he’s now been joined by two pals. R2-D2 and newcomer Imperial droid BB-9E. The sheer amount of joy we’ve had with these little guys is huge. Apart from being able to control them with your phone, program them using the newly unified app for all Sphero Star Wars toys, make them come to you with the (optional) Force Band accessory and (let’s prioritise here) terrify pets, you can also set them down while watching the Star Wars films (currently, IV, VII and Rogue One but with more to come) and they’ll interact with the film, scurrying around and bleeping as you watch.

In terms of play value, they’re perfect for kids, and in terms of cool value, they are perfect for adults. In fact, even a non-Star Wars fan would probably get a kick out of them.

They’re already coming down in price – originally they would have set you back about £500 for the set, but we’re starting to see them as low as £110 now, and they really are worth every penny. In fact, they’re the droids you’re looking for. (Sorry)

You can get the entire set including R2-Q5 which we know nothing about yet from Sphero’s website, (with a free Force Band) or shop around for deals.

Stormtrooper Wire Frame Lamp

We’ve mentioned the Death Star mood light before. This is slightly different, it’s a wireframe image of a Stormtrooper that glows in a Tron sort of way, but more Star Wars than Tron, obviously. Again, way cool for the desk, or by the bed, if you’re probably single.

The Stormtrooper wireframe light is £19.95 from Prezzybox.

Star Wars USB Drives
Did you know that Wicket the Ewok’s full name is Wicket W Warwick? He was, of course, named after Warwick Davis who played the character, aged 11. Anyway, this is a USB drive. There’s a whole load of them, but we chose an Ewok.

Wicket The Ewok and his friends are available for around a fiver from Amazon.

Boba Fett Bottle Opener Keyring

Despite only having a few lines, Boba Fett is one of the most popular characters in Star Wars history. And now you can have your own bounty hunter on a keyring, ready and waiting to take your beer bottle tops to Jabba. And yes, we’re counting this one as a legitimate gadget, because Stephen Fry says the best gadget in the world is a lighter. And we didn’t want to include a lighter. But they do exist.

Boba the Bottle Opener is yours for £4.49 from Amazon.

Chewbacca Mask
Everyone knows this one. It memed like mad after a mum decided it was funny and showed her Dash Cam. But it’s a real product, and it kind of gives us the creeps. But did you know, there’s talking masks for loads of other Star Wars characters too, all with voice to movement capability? Which sounds much cooler than ‘oh FFS mask’ which is what we’re all thinking. It doesn’t even look that much like him.

The Electronic Chewie mask is £25.99 from Amazon.

Star Wars Death Star mood lamp

That’s no moon – it’s a mood lamp. No gift guide would be complete without a Star Wars gadget, so we give you the Death Star mood lamp, with a moody glow that will make any child (even a 42-year-old child) Keen to get into bed and gaze into the detail, authentic to the 1977 original. It’s sturdy, with a transparent base to make it look more floaty while turning it on and off is as easy as pressing the top. Simple. striking. Very cool.

The Death Star Mood Lamp is £19.95 from Prezzybox.

iHome Millenium Falcon Speaker

If the way to a man (or woman’s) heart is through their Star War, then this series of gorgeous replicas from the latest film are perfect, especially as they hold a secret. No, not just the MP3 speaker part, but the fact that when they’re off, by touching in just the right place (fnar) you can make it play the Star Wars theme.

It works either as a wired speaker or a Bluetooth jobbie, and the sound quality is perhaps not spectacular, but more than acceptable, and more importantly, it looks like a Millenium Falcon so shut up, that’s why. Also available in Tie Fighter, Destroyer Stormtrooper head, C3PO head and (of course) Darth Vader head. Just gorgeous. The force will be strong in this one

The Star Wars speaker range is available from Mobile Fun with prices starting at £49.99 up to £149.99 if you’re giving Heads.

Star Wars Woolies 

chris-r2d2If you need to spice up your love life, there’s no better way than a bit of cosplay. The whole Princess Leia fantasy is old news, so why not reverse the roles? As you can see, our handsome model here is hot to trot in his R2D2 outfit, guaranteed to get her pulse ra… Wait! Robots don’t have pulses. But don’t panic, ladies, he’s spoken for. So, basically, it’s a nerd in a hat and jumper. But somehow it’s adorable. OK. Maybe we should have chosen a different model for this. But we did make a promise to the supplier of a silly picture. As well as R2D2 you can get Boba Fett, among others, which is probably way cooler.

The beanie hats are £17.99 and the jumpers are £24.99 from Funstock. µ

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