Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones have received mostly positive reviews, but these devices are far from perfect. The more time passes the more glaring issues come to light, and it really looks like you should think twice about buying either handset.

We’ve already talked about the screen issues that affect the Pixel 2 XL (including the overall OLED experience and burn-in problems), and the phone’s bending trick.

New reports reveal one other annoying screen issue for the Pixel 2 XL, and a Pixel 2 “ticking” sound that can’t be explained. On top of that, it looks like even devices that don’t pass quality assurance are shipped to users.

The smaller Pixel 2 does not suffer from any screen issues, but some users complain about hearing a constant ticking.

“Pixel 2 high pitch frequency sound and clicking when the screen is on and unlocked with ear up to the device like you are on a phone call,” a Pixel 2 owner wrote on Google’s forums. “This also happens after a reboot, safe mode, airplane mode, and factory reset. I purchased two Pixel 2 phones both have the high-frequency noise but only one has the clicking.”

Like him, there are plenty of others experiencing the problem. Google is aware of the issue and told Business Insider that it’s fixing the issue.

The Pixel 2 XL, meanwhile, suffers from a third different screen issue called “black smear.” It’s a screen effect that occurs on the screen when OLED pixels are changing state, and these videos posted on 9to5Google highlight the issue.

Google is apparently investigating this matter as well:

The demand for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL has exceeded our expectations, and we’re thrilled with the positive reaction to our new phones, both from the reviewers who have tried and tested our devices thoroughly and from consumers who are switching to Pixel. We take all reports of issues very seriously, and our engineers investigate quickly. We will provide updates as soon as we have conclusive data.

That’s plenty of stuff for Google to investigate. But wait, there’s one more thing:

Image Source: Reddit

What you can see in the image above is a Pixel 2 unit that failed quality control but somehow found its way to a buyer, who complained about it on Reddit:

My new Pixel 2 failed QC at the factory, but shipped anyway 🙁 I was very excited to receive my new Pixel 2 (not-XL) this afternoon. I ordered the Quite Black 128GB unlocked model directly from the Google Store. I cut the tape seal, opened up the box, and was greeted with a blue slip of paper informing me the unit had “Cosmetic damage.” Here’s a picture I took of it. I’m working with Google support to sort it out, but it is still a little disappointing. 

It looks like we’ll have to wait for at least one more year for Google to try and make good phones.

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