Overwatch debuted its new CG short today, “Rise and Shine,” at its Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany. It focuses on Mei, the Chinese ecologist who also wields a handy freezing gun. The animation focuses on her awakening after an accidental extended period in cryogenic sleep.

Overwatch has been a big hit since launching last May for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The team-based shooter has attracted over 30 million players and has given fans constant free updates, including new maps and heroes.

Mei was one the heroes that launched with Overwatch. Her bright (and apologetic) personality has attracted fans, while her freezing abilities (including one that summons a massive ice wall) can help protect herself and her team.

This was one of two major shorts that Blizzard revealed today, with the other being for the digital card game Hearthstone. The company made both reveals at Gamescom, a venue that game publishers often use for announcements like these.

These animated shorts help promote the game and showcase its characters. Since Overwatch is a multiplayer shooter, the actual game doesn’t have all that much story. The animations give Blizzard a way to expand Overwatch’s world.

Earlier in the week, Blizzard showed another animation, that one focusing on the Australian Scavengers Junkrat and Roadhog. But that short used the in-game engine, while “Rise and Shine” is a full-blown CG affair. Basically, it’s fancier.

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