From treats to technology, there’s plenty out there to fuel your pet obsession.

I volunteered my dogs, Timmy and Snoopy, to try out some gadgets and find out if they can help pet owners while adding some fun to your day.

You’ll need a smartphone, Wi-Fi connection and a furry friend to make these products work.


First up is the Petnet SmartFeeder. It’s an automatic pet food dispenser that promises to prevent over-feeding. You also control it through an app.

“It actually takes your pet’s weight, the activity that it does, the age of the pet and the type of food to evaluate just how much pet food would be beneficial for your pet and at what time,” Best Buy technology representative Amanda Gamez said.

The smart feeder is compatible with cats or dogs.


Just like you wear a Fitbit on your wrist, the FitBark hooks onto your dog’s collar and tracks their steps.

Set a step goal for your dog, and you can sync their activity through the app. For example, FitBark let’s users decide what kind of lifestyle they want their dog to have, ranging from moderate to high activity.

It also shows how many calories your dog burns. 

A spokesperson for FitBark told KENS 5 researchers and veterinarians helped develop an algorithm to determine calorie counts based on a dog’s weight and amount of activity.

You can share updates on your dog through the app and compare their fitness to other pets in the FitBark community.


The PetCube lets you connect with your pets wherever you are.

The device also connects with an app, so when it’s in your home, you can even talk to your pets and see them through the camera around the clock.

You put treats into the top of the device, so it can also dispense them to your pets when you check in on them throughout the day.

While Timmy didn’t really interact, Snoopy was all over it and very curious about the camera.

Of course you can get all the bells and whistles, like specialty pet treats and rhinestone collars, but there’s one more thing to consider when improving your pet’s lifestyle.


Pet boutiques like Fifi and Fidos can help you get back to basics and focus on what your pet is eating.

Owner Diana Farrar said one of the best things you can do for your dog’s diet is to throw in a little bit of plain chicken or veggies.

“One of the most important is probiotics. In our store, we have a goat’s milk. It’s proven to be over the years just an amazing health benefit. It’s as simple as pouring it over the food. Health doesn’t have to be tough and hard to do,” she said.

The bottom line: Pets can’t enjoy treats and gadgets if they’re not healthy.

“If you work on your pet’s health, you’re going to have more time to have fun pampering them,” Farrar said.

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