Have you ever used a ride sharing service, like Uber or Lyft? They can be very convenient and affordable if you need to get somewhere and don’t have your own transportation. You just open the company’s app, request a ride and like that, your driver arrives within minutes.

The ride sharing business model is so simple, many people are choosing to get behind the wheel themselves to earn some extra cash. It’s easy to become a driver. You simply apply on the company’s website, wait for them to complete a background check on you, and then have your car inspected. Once your vehicle passes inspection, you’re ready to hit the road.

Supplementing your income has never been so easy. Which is why hundreds of thousands of people are doing it.

Unfortunately, since so many people are driving for ride share companies, it’s super competitive. Having negative reviews as a driver could cut into your profits.

That’s why you need to know about these ride share gadgets that will get you 5 star reviews. (PssT! Be sure to read all the way to the end to learn about the most important driving gadget.)

Convenient gadgets for the customer

When you drive for a ride share company, you’re advised to keep bottles of water and maybe small snacks in your car to offer your passengers. This will boost your likability, make your passengers happy and most likely lead to receiving better reviews.

However, in this competitive market, you need to up your game a little. A bottle of water is nice, but having these gadgets will help get you the best reviews possible.

Trio Charger by Komando

If you have this item, your passengers might think of you as a super hero. I’m talking about the Trio Charger by Komando.

You can charge any kind of phone with this 3-in-1 charging cord. It comes with a Micro USB, USB C, and Lightning plugs all on one compact loop charger.

This is the only cord you need to have in your house or your car because it can charge any phone. Its compact design does away with the mess of long tangled cords. The charging source is a USB adapter which you can use any USB power plug to connect it to a wall outlet or car charger.

Even better, it’s only $8.99 in the Komando Shop. Just click the buy it now link below and you’ll be impressing your passengers in no time.

Car multi device charger

Have more than one device to charge? No problem.

As a ride share driver, you’re going to have multiple passengers in your car many times. If they each have their own gadget, and let’s face it they all will, they might need to charge them up while on the road.

This car multi device charger will do the trick. Simply plug it into your DC socket and charge up to four gadgets at once. It fits perfectly in your cup holder for easy access to front and rear passengers.

Power smartphones and tablets via four USB power ports or one DC socket. Because the charger is centrally located, almost everyone in the vehicle has access to it.

You can pick up this handy multi device charger from the Komando Shop for under $25. Just click the buy it now button to get yours today, your passengers will love you for it.

Gadgets that provide comfort

When trying to reach the highest level of satisfaction for your passengers, you need to go the extra mile. These comfort gadgets do just that and are sure to get you that 5 star review.

AutoCafe cup warmer

This item will provide your passengers with a next-level touch that they simply won’t be expecting. It’s an AutoCafe cup warmer.

It fits into your cars’ cup holder and uses its 12V DC plug to keep beverages warm. The AutoCafe was made for anyone on a long commute and a love for hot coffee, or tea.

You can turn it on or off with an easily accessible power button or it has an automatic sensor that detects when the cup holder is empty and turns off the heat. Safe for all disposable cups and similarly shaped porcelain, metal or plastic cups. (Note: It’s designed to hold 12-20 ounce cups.)

Pick one up from the Komando Shop for under $25 by clicking the buy it now button below. Your passengers will think you’re the king of coffee and give you a great review.

Cooling circulation air cushion

What’s worse than driving around in a hot car all day? It can really put you in a foul mood, which passengers will pick up on and give you bad reviews. This gadget can be used by you during your drive times or even set up in the passenger seat to keep them comfortable.

This cooling circulation air cushion helps you stay comfortable on those long hot car rides. The powerful venting system delivers cool air to your back and legs as you drive. The circulating air provides cooling relief that helps reduce perspiration.

Plugs right into your DC power port and has high and low settings so you can control your temperature. It’s sure to keep your spirits up to provide a fun experience for your passengers. Let’s face it, your comfort and mood plays a huge role in how you deal with others.

Pick one of these amazing cushions up from the Komando Shop for under $40. Amazing!

Must have essentials

These next items are too important to gloss over. They will come in handy when a serious problem arises.

12V car jump starter flashlight

This is one of those sneaky good items that ends up being more useful than you’d ever imagine. I’m talking about this 12V car jump starter flashlight.

Think about why people use ride share services to begin with. Sometimes it’s because their battery has died and they need a lift to where they left their vehicle. Imagine how lucky they would be if you were their driver and you had this compact jump starter with you.

There is no need to have a cumbersome heavy box to jump start your car battery anymore. This compact gadget is not only a handy flashlight, but it’ll also jump start your car. It’s able to jump start a vehicle up to 20 times on a single charge. It can also be used as a portable charger for your gadgets.

The flashlight is a very bright LED light with 3 modes: Steady, SOS, and Strobe so you won’t be caught in the dark. It’s portable charging capabilities are strong enough to power up your phone or tablet more than 5 times on a single charge. This nifty tool holds its charge for for 6 months so it’s safe to store in the trunk unused and when it’s time to recharge you can charge it in your car or at home.

This amazing gadget is available in the Komando Shop for $119. Just click the buy it now button to pick yours up while you’re thinking about it.

Dash Cam Pro with Night Vision

We’ve saved the most important gadget for last. The Dash Cam Pro with Night Vision by Komando is essential for all drivers. Especially those who spend tons of time on the road, like ride share drivers.

The Komando Dash Cam will help you capture all the moments you have while driving that you wish you had on video. Police have dash cams, you should too!

This cam not only helps you catch all those funny moments you see while driving but also the evidence you need when an accident occurs. If you’ve ever been in an accident, you know that it can become a he said she said situation rather quickly. No more.

Now you will have every moment captured in crystal clear 1080p video. You can provide police with high quality images and video when needed. It also promotes safe driving with a Lane Departure Warning system.

Get your Dash Cam Pro with Night Vision from the Komando Shop for $154. Click the buy it now button to start protecting yourself and your passengers today.

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