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Though it cannot be justified technically, a computer engineer teaches at the University believes that Robots are going to put human beings in a miserable situation in the future.

He said the future will be very different as predicted by the people and we will become part of robots in the future. Ray Kurzwell, Director of Engineering at Google believes so.Robots Will Increase Unemployment Up to 50%

Robots will completely replace human beings and you have nothing to do yourself. If you have money, then you can enjoy leisure time, eat and spend most of your time in your favorite hobbies.

Professor Moshe Vardi paints the miserable picture of the new world during a speech to the American Association in Washington DC.

Professor Moshe Vardi is teaching the computer engineering to the students at Rice University. The University has provided some details about the Professor speech and a gloomy picture for the future of human beings.

Vardi said, the technology will ultimately benefit to the humanity at the end. According to Vardi, human beings will not face any hassles, if all the work is done by machines and people will be able to enjoy full leisure time. But he says, he doesn’t believe in the leisure life as fruitful and weight the viable future for the human beings.

He says after 30 years computer will be able to perform any job a human can do and he foresees massive unemployment in future that will touch the huge figure of 50% at the end of 2045.

The question is how to stop such advancement of robots and machine? It may be possible for the government to limit the use of artificial intelligence in the coming years. Varie told participants; it is hard to stop technology growth as the genie is out of the bottle. It is a need of time to carry out research to find ways that can help the society to cope the challenges of technological advancement in the country. There is a need to do something worthwhile, and if we wait for more time, then there will be no chance to control the technology in future.

Apart from Vardi, Stephen Hawking is also worried about the growing use of technology and said that it will make the worse situation for the human beings.

Lots of giant companies including Facebook, Google, and Twitter, is committed to using artificial intelligence to get technological benefits, but the consequences of the technology on human lives are unpredictable.

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