I don’t understand the point of this announcement:

“Sometime in the future, if we’re able to, we’ll release a product using technology we’re currently developing”


A couple years ago at Samsung HQ…

“Which popular iPhone feature should we ripoff next?”

“Well, I’m hearing a lot about this… bendgate… thing.”

“I don’t think that means wh—”

“Make it happen!”

If they manage to pull this off for next year’s release, Tim Cook’s career, or Jony’s, is over.


I am not usually a Samsung (or any Apple competitor) basher… but this is rather silly of Samsung to do.
Why not just spring the surprise on us when it is all done and ready?

Clearly there is no love lost between Apple and Samsung.

What a coincidence they announce this today and also go on to say they could just end up delaying.

Serious question: What are the main reasons one would want a foldable phone?

Ergonomics. Imagine having a device that go from being a full fledged tablet to a phone to an even more portable form like a smart watch? That’s futuristic sci fi type of stuff in mind. Here is a step towards innovation and some growing pains to get there. Samsung is ahead of the hardware curve.

Would love if my iPhone unfolded an iPad mini
This will be brilliant.
Serious question: What are the main reasons one would want a foldable phone?

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