It’s funny how quickly things move in the tech world. About a year ago, Samsung issued a formal recall for the Note 7 amid widespread reports that the device was prone to spontaneously catching fire and exploding. By early October, Samsung essentially conceded that the Note 7 had a faulty design and ceased production entirely. Without exaggeration, Samsung’s Note 7 fiasco represented the worst PR nightmare the mobile market had ever seen. In turn, some naturally wondered if Samsung would be able to withstand an avalanche of negative press and actually convince users to buy Samsung devices in the future.

As it turns out, Samsung managed to do just that with surprising ease. Following up on the release of the Galaxy S8 earlier this year, Samsung last month introduced the Galaxy Note 8. And while the Note 8 hasn’t officially been released yet, it already seems that Samsung has a huge hit on its hands.

According to Samsung executive DJ Koh (via Reuters), pre-orders for the Note 8 are already trending higher than they were for the Note 7. What’s more, Koh added that Note 8 pre-orders are the highest Samsung has ever seen for its Note series, with Note 8 pre-orders at this point already trending 2.5x higher than what the Note 7 enjoyed last year.

In just the first 5 days since Note 8 pre-orders opened up, Samsung has already fielded 650,000 orders from across the world. All in all, I think it’s fair to say that Samsung has decidedly moved past the Note 7 fiasco that plagued the company for many months late last year.

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