Samsung’s  (SSNLF)  Galaxy Note 8 will be unveiled at a launch event in New York on Wednesday morning, just a month ahead of Apple’s (AAPL) expected launch date for the iPhone 8. 

The Note series is best known for its larger screen size and for having a stylus. When the first Note phone was released in 2011 it had a 5.3-inch display which was considered comically large at the time. But that phone ended up starting a trend for larger-sized smartphones with maximum screen space, according to Jackdaw Research chief analyst Jan Dawson. The iPhone 7 Plus that came out last September measures 5.5 inches. 

Images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 accidentally posted on the Samsung website last night ��

— Safwan Ahmedmia (@SuperSaf) August 19, 2017

Samsung seemed to go through a period of trying crazy things like a huge display and just seeing what sticks, Dawson said. And the Note series stuck. People have started to demand as large a screen as possible for their smartphones because they want it to be as close to a computer as possible for when they can’t sit behind a desk. “It has to be a tablet and a smartphone in one for maximum productivity,” he said. 

Since other smartphones have caught up to the Note series in size, the stylus is now its most prominent feature, Dawson noted. Most phones rely on touch and multitouch. While it’s an unusual feature compared to the broader market, the stylus has made the Note series a very popular phone over time. “The Note series has a very loyal base,” Dawson said. 

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