SP Gadgets  Image: SP Gadgets
SP Gadgets Image: SP Gadgets

I recently had a chance to check out two of SP-Gadgets accessories for my GoPro Hero3+: the Section Pistol Trigger set and Powerbar Duo. The Section Pistol Trigger Set for SP Gadgets helps keep my GoPro steady while I take my shot while the Powerbar Duo helps keep me charged and ready to go.

Section Pistol Trigger Set Basics

Trigger Set  Image: SP Gadgets
Trigger Set Image: SP Gadgets

While walking around Ron Jon’s Surf Shop in Port Canaveral, Florida, I came across the SP Gadgets line of GoPro accessories. At first, I couldn’t figure out why anyone would want a trigger system for their camera but then I realized the brilliance of it.

The Section Trigger Set (or $19.99 on Amazon) lets you keep your grip on the camera while starting a video or taking a picture. The grip adds to the stability of your shot and keeps your other hand free. If you don’t need the trigger portion of the system all the time, you can unscrew it and attach your GoPro to the handle by itself.

Trigger set can be used as it's intended or as a grip all by itself.  Image: SP Gadgets
Trigger set can be used as it’s intended or as a grip all by itself. Image: SP Gadgets

The grip is hollow so you can use it to hold small items, fill it with water to help weigh it down while you dive, or leave it empty so it will keep your GoPro floating above the waves.

I like how the weight of this accessory feels and the ease of the trigger. It takes very little effort to get the mechanism to work, but not so little that just anything would set it off.

The downside to this setup is that there is no room for an extended back door on the camera. This means if you want to use a larger battery pack or you want to attach your LCD screen you won’t be able to use this at the same time. It’s also an all-plastic setup so you need to take care of it a bit more than you would if the system was metal (which would be a downside for me because of weight).

PowerBar Duo Basics

PowerBar Duo  Image: SP Gadgets
PowerBar Duo Image: SP Gadgets

PowerBar Duo ($9.99 on Amazon) is an external power bank that lets you charge two GoPro batteries at the same time. The bonus is you can also charge your phone or another 5V USB electronic device without draining your GoPro batteries that are hanging out in the charging compartment.

When your PowerBar has seen enough action, plug it into the wall and let it charge back up. You can dual charge your GoPro batteries in there at the same time. It comes with a transport bag to keep it scratch free in your bag.

PowerBar Duo Options  Image: SP Gadgets
PowerBar Duo Options Image: SP Gadgets

It’s lightweight, which is a must for me when it comes to power banks. The last thing I need is one more weighty piece of gear in my bag.

The downside to this one is that it’s only compatible with the Hero3 and Hero3+ models. Other than that, I noticed it holds a charge and recharges about the same as other power packs.

To Buy or Not To Buy

From the moment I took the trigger system out of the box, I liked how it felt in my hands with my camera on it. I feel like my shots are a bit more stable and easier to take now that all I have to do is pull the trigger. Since I prefer a longer battery life over using my LCD screen, I don’t mind that the extended back won’t work with this particular setup.

The biggest kvetch with the PowerBar Duo is that it doesn’t work with the newer GoPro models but since I don’t see myself being able to invest in the newer model anytime soon, it does the job great for me. I like being able to have two spare GoPro batteries charging with the option to also charge my phone. This will come in handy on my upcoming vacation to the beach.

Overall, I enjoy my new trigger set and PowerBar Duo and plan on taking it on many vacations to come to get some better underwater footage.

SP Gadgets has a nice range of accessories for your action cam as well as your smartphone device. Head over to their website to find the right gear for your next adventure.

The Section Pistol Trigger from SP-Gadgets is compatible with the GoPro Hero4, Hero3+, and Hero3 cameras. PowerBar Duo is only compatible with the Hero3 and Hero3+ models.

Disclaimer: GeekMom received a review unit.

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