– Most parents know picking up their child at school can mean spending too much time in the car line. At Incarnation Catholic School, a new software program, developed by a parent, is helping reduce wait times and strengthening security.

“Kids know exactly what to do and it’s taken at least five, 10 minutes off of our car line on top of the safety side of it,” said Marrie McLaughlin, the school’s principal.

Parents are given cards with specific barcodes that are programmed with their child’s information. They can share the cards with other family members or friends who will help with picking the children up from school.

At dismissal, a staff member scans the card, alerting the child’s teacher their ride is here.

At the school gates, another teacher will verify the child has been released. This will send an alert to the parent’s phone, letting them know their child has been picked up.

“The teacher has the device right there to verify that it’s the right name and it’s nobody that shouldn’t be picking them up,” said McLaughlin.

Tracey Vo and her husband created the program after spending what they say was too much time in line outside.

“We just keep thinking to ourselves there’s got to be a better way the technology is out there we are helping businesses why can’t we just help the school, said Tracey Vo.

The program is called Vo’s Ri.

Vo said she and her husband are open to branching out and implementing this program at other schools.

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