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  • The LG Signature OLED TV R stole the show at last year’s CES, and it was still the most impressive TV at CES 2019.
  • The major TV trend at CES 2019 was 8K resolution, and it looks incredible, but they were essentially just TVs with upgraded resolutions at the end of the day.
  • LG is the dominant force in OLED panels, which allow for flexible designs like the Signature OLED TV R.

CES 2019 was packed with gorgeous and amazing TVs, but the model that stole the show was last year’s incredible LG rollable OLED TV, which is now called the LG Signature OLED R.

Indeed, the LG Signature OLED R was still the most impressive TV at CES this year, despite 8K resolution being the trend. It’s not that 8K TVs from companies like Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Sony, TCL, Hisense et al are bad, but rather that the Signature OLED R is simply still more innovative in terms of design and technology than a resolution upgrade.

Much of the Signature OLED R’s appeal comes from LG’s dominance over OLED display technology, which not only looks the best, but is flexible and allows for unique and innovative TV designs and functions.  No other TV that uses traditional LCD display technology can roll itself into an enclosure when you’re not using it, or can adjust its height to eliminate letterboxing — when a video, typically a movie, is shot in a non-standard aspect ratio, resulting in black bars above and below the actual picture.

What it is: A TV that can also roll itself into an enclosure when not in use, or can adjust its height for certain content.

Who makes it: LG Electronics

Why it’s the best: OLED delivers the ultimate in picture quality, and the Signature OLED R is the most unique in terms of design and function. No other TV does what it can do. It also comes with a built-in soundbar with one of the most highly rated audio standards, Dolby Atmos.

Where and when you can get it: No details on where yet, but it’ll be available in the second half of 2019, according to LG.

How much it will cost: No price announcements as of yet, but expect something astronomical.

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