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Nintendo’s Switch continues to be the most coveted device in the world that isn’t capable of giving and receiving phone calls, but fans continue to point out a few, key shortcomings in its software offerings. The most glaring omission from its library of games (beyond Animal Crossing and Super Smash Bros.) is its lack of Virtual Console. Previous generations of Nintendo hardware had downloadable versions of classic games that fans could buy for a few bucks, joyously taking up just a little space on their hard drive. But almost seven months after launch, fans are still wondering what plans Nintendo has for its historic games.

Nintendo, as clever as they are, named the file “Flog,” which is Golf backwards, but that didn’t put curious tinkerers off their scent. Dataminers found the mysterious file in the Switch called hidden in the operating system, and it could be the strongest evidence yet that Nintendo is not only offering up a Virtual Console, but it will feature old games with new controls.

The dataminers produced screenshots (which can be viewed here) showing joy-con controls, which would mark the first time ever in Nintendo’s history that they re-released a game with updated controls. Previous Virtual Console games were simply mapped to a “classic” controller, whereas Golf has motion controls.

Golf is a relatively simple game to update with new controls, so who knows if they’re going to be updating other classics with an updated control scheme, but this certainly is a light at the end of the tunnel for the millions of Switch owners who want to get their Balloon Fight on.

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