Phillip Tan Fong Lip

The letter “Huge potential for technology to help people manage health better” (Aug 23) notes that while there is potential in the use of technology to help people manage their health better, more education is needed to achieve this.

But this is where cost is a factor. Providing information on the efficacy of certain gadgets for the masses who are less educated would cost more than doing so for the well-educated section of the public.

Education costs both time and money, hence the prices of the gadgets would also go up accordingly.

To put the matter into perspective, the Prime Minister’s message is simple: Consume less sugar to cut the risk of diabetes, exercise regularly, and do not overeat. This is the cheapest way to go.

The world of gadgetry, from smart pain relief wands to devices that monitor vital signs, promises wonders for our health, except that these are costly and do not or cannot benefit the bulk of the population.

So I hope the PM’s message will not lead Singaporeans into an obsession with health gadgets, spawning unwitting health junkies.

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