Springtime screams warmer weather and backyard barbeques, and there are lots of tools out there to make grilling easier and tastier.

We wanted to take a look at the latest and “so-called” greatest gadgets out there this season so we packed up and headed to Lily’s As Seen On TV in Asheville for the breakdown.

“You say this is really a hot new item. Yes, these are the barbecue grill mats. These go directly on charcoal, gas, electric grills whatever you have outside.” Manager Donna McMahan doesn’t just sell the products, she stands by many of them, “”We had a power outage. I actually did fry an egg on these so these are fantastic.”

We picked up three products and found an expert to put them to the test. The Dining Diva, Molly Fowler, knows her kitchen tools, “I try every gadget, I’m the gadget queen.”

Molly put our first gadget to the test, the Golden Grill Mat. They come 2 in a pack for 10.99 and you can do veggies or shrimp and it’s not going to fall through the cracks and no oil necessary.

We tossed on some fresh veggies and shut the lid, we didn’t preheat the grill because the directions didn’t call for it. What we were left with was a very slow-moving process. After about 15-minutes, nothing was ready.

After that, we moved on to the frozen meat section. If you like to buy on sale and freeze, this just might be the product you’ve been waiting for. The product, the D-Frost Wonder. “Lay it on the defroster table right here, 25 minutes. It will defrost meat.”

So, we put it to the test with two completely frozen pork chops. The instructions say to place the frozen meat on the defrosting tray and wait. We gave it 25-minutes… “Ok the big reveal, I mean it’s a little softer.” But not thawed, so we waited. After a full hour, still not thawed. In the end, it took 2-full hours, so faster than not using the $15 gadget, but certainly not a 25-minute magic tool.

Gadget #3: We know the forecast is always right, but if for some reason the rain comes unexpectedly, this next gadget promises to save our grill plans. The indoor grill is designed to grill up your favorites from the comfort of your own kitchen stovetop.

Our Dining Diva once again, put it to the test. All we had to do was pour a bit of water in the reservoir, turn on the heat to medium high and toss the veggies on. We waited 5 minutes to check them, “It’s great. This is really remarkable. Especially when the vegetables didn’t even have any oil on them. I thought that would be a necessary step. I think this is a keeper.”

The Gotham Steel Stovetop Grill costs $19.99.

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