Why should one invest in Bitcoin at this point of time?

Bitcoin has been successful in creating histories on a day to day basis, it feels that it shall remain forever. But is this forever sounding practical in the business world?

Bitcoin has off late been the talk of the business town for the level of success it has achieved off late within no period.

However, assuming bitcoin to be the primary source and mode of money sounds like an exaggeration.

A market which I driven by decentralisation, currency feels good when its in the paper form. At the same time, a non-centralised also makes the currency highly volatile making it impossible to reach the point of stability in the market.

On a day of extreme volatility, typical for the largest digital currency by market cap, Bitcoin plummeted 14.5%, or $2,036, on the Bitfinex exchange to trade at $12,000.

Since the mainstream acceptance will not be possible public cannot be hyped with the bitcoins for long.


  • Despite the variations in the curve from past several months, cryptocurrency still does not have any unexpected and sudden downfall causing losses to people who invested millions of dollars.
  • The prices of bitcoin have been high consistently although there are minute variations, but the crux remains the same.
  • The constant rise and fall of value of bitcoin has made it one of the most perfect ways of investment.
  • Bitcoin is also a safer mode of investment due to the absence of shady middlemen which therefore has reduced the possibility of frauds.
  • Surprisingly, few online sellers are now accepting bitcoins as an exchange of products and services for carrying out online transactions.
  • The primary selling point has always been the safety and the highest returns obtained from the transactions.
  • Bitcoin provides free insurance, quicker transaction and with minimal fees thereby making it more feasible compared to coin base and Kraken.
  • Bitcoin uses the world’s first all-in-one online solutions for all the cryptocurrency transactions including trading, exchange etc..
  • Bitcoin is highly volatile and experiential digital market instrument and a great kick starter for trading on an online basis.

The cryptocurrency holders claim that they have experienced maximum returns by holding the investments instead of doing a continuous trading.

There is a stress rolling out in and around the market investors- the problems of buying selling or inability to buy especially during these volatile situations.

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