Whether you’re looking for a job or just looking to update your resume, your social media accounts can have a huge impact on your future employers.Two out of five companies say that they use social media to screen and make decisions on potential job candidates.

There are obvious things to take out of your social media, like a photo that shows you drinking at a party, or a shot that shows you wearing something revealing.

But there are other, less obvious things that you’d want to scrub from your accounts.

For example, you may have posts talking about your birthday, which reveal your age, or you may have posts that contain overly personal information.

Even if your information is restricted, your profile picture usually shows. And that’s something you should update.

Try to maintain a current and professional headshot and use the same one across all your accounts for better personal brand recognition. Steer clear from something too personal or offensive.

You should also refresh your bio or “about me” section. Tailor it to your career or life goals and write it with a potential employer in mind.

Remove other unnecessary information – like your address – that you shouldn’t really share publicly anyway. And don’t forget to review your hashtags to see if they are appropriate.

It’s important to keep your profile fresh and up to date, but remember what you share can make you vulnerable professionally.

The website Workopolis reports the top three things that employers look for when screening for employees.

The first is if you will be a good fit with their corporate culture. The second is to find out more about your qualifications and how they line up with your resume. Lastly, they’re looking to see if you’re creative and a problem solver.

Don’t forget – some employers still check your social media accounts, even after you’ve been hired, so make sure to review your company’s social media policy if they have one.

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